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  1. Hello, I’m looking for a Guardian record. The date is, 16 Jul 1866. Nancy Hays/Hayes filed representing William A, James A, May, John W, and Ida Hays. Minors, no parents. I would love a copy if it’s available.

  2. Hello. Looking for family information in regards to my GGrandfather, Zachariah HARRIS, b. about 1830-35 in Illinois…married to Sarah Jane TIGNOR, b. 1841 in Illinois. They owned land in T10, Section 24 North of Stonefort. Would love to know when Zachariah died and where he’s buried and who his parents and siblings are. Thank you in advance for any tiny bit of information. LJD

  3. I am member. I am researching the Harris line. A Thomas Harris, b. 1797-98 in North Carolina appears with his family on the 1850 census of Williamson Co. DW#634, FM#647. I was wondering what part of the county this dwelling was located in, township, etc. Thank you.

    • I see that Thomas has a land patent dated 28 July 1838 for section 5 in Township 9 South of Range 3 East. I compared his neighbors in the 1850 census to the patent map and they do match to your Thomas Harris.
      His property would be in East Marion Township, East of Spillertown at the intersection of Linck rd and Moore rd looking to the North-East.

      • Thank you. Sorry it took so long to reply. I will look at it on the map of Williamson County. Thanks again. I need to get down to Williamson County to look at land records.

  4. Looking for William Spinks (~1851-1912) prior to 1873. The earliest official record of William appears as a marriage in Williamson County on July 14, 1873. William married Sarah A. E. (Keys) Johnson. William appears in the 1880 census with Sarah and two children and a stepchild from Sarah’s prior marriage to a William Johnson. The census records indicates their residence was in the Northern Township (Corinth) area with Fitts Hill as the post office of record. His parents are listed as both being from Kentucky. William’s states his birtplace is Illinois and his occupation is farmhand.
    William next appears with family in Carbondale Township in the 1904 city directory, later in 1907 and again in 1910 he is referenced in news snipets in The Daily Free Press newspaper. In 1910 William is recorded in the census by the enumerator as Welsey R. The census records his father from Kentucky and mother from Illinois. William is listed as being from Illinois as the prior census with his occupation as teamster. In the 1904 Carbondale City Directory his stated occupation is listed as junk dealer.
    As an added coincidence in the 1860 census for Saline County there is a William Spenks listed as 9 years of age living in the household of John and Rachel Fitzgerald. John and Rachel have a son named William E Fitgerald that appears as an inhabitant in the same enumeration as William in the 1880 census.
    Any and all tips on determining the whereabouts of William Spinks prior to 1873 or his parents would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hello, I am looking for birth info on children of Joseph and Rosa Morano. I found the deaths of 2 children Our Lady of Mt Carmel records of Vincentino Morano died 6 May 1918 and Dominicus (Dominic) died 23 July 1917.
    Re San Carlo Cemetery records available anywhere? I checked Find a Grave with no results.
    Any help is appreciated!

    • I looked through our resources and didn’t find anything. I do see that they are both listed in the Illinois Death Index. Vincento listed as Jimmie Marano, born Jan 1917 died 6 May 18 in West Frankfort.

      I’d say your best bet is to contact the church rectory in Herrin.

      One of the Society Volunteers is currently working on a reading/compiling records for San Carlo Cemetery.

  6. In December 2014, visited Barwick cemetery located north of Ferrell Church Road about 3/4 mile west of the intersection of that road and Miles Trail Road and found that the headstone for my 2x great grandfather Henry Joseph Barwick had been damaged. Does anyone know what power company owns the lines that run over Barwick Cemetery? I am told that they mowed under the lines in the fall of 2014. I am interested in contacting the power company to see if they will fix the situation.

  7. I am looking for my husbands grandfather. I am very new at genealogy and Im stuck. This is what I know. My father in law was the youngest of five siblings. All were born in and around Williamson County (West Frankfort, Cobden, Williamson, Franklin). All obits/SS Apps and early Census records list the parents as Mose/Moses Hayes/Hays and Mae/May Donaghue (Donaghue was spelled several different ways).

    I have two Mose/Moses Hayes/Hays. I cant for the life of me figure out if they are the same person or two different people. Here is what I have…

    1880 census, Williamson,bottom of census page. James A Hayes 23 farmer Head. Sarah J Hayes 24 wife. Next page, top. Simas Hayes 21 wife. Dolly V Hayes 2 daughter. Moses Hayes 1 son. (Two wives?)

    I have nothing until the 1910 census, Elk, Jackson. Mose Hayes 28 Farmer. Married 3 years. (I have a IRAD copy for a marriage Register for Moses Hayes and May Donoghuie married Sept 11, 1907 in Jackson. No parents listed.) Mary Hayes 20 wife and Evaline 2/12 daughter. My Father in laws oldest sister was Evelyn born Feb 1911.

    1920 census brings us to Frankford Heights, Franklin where Mose Hayes 42 and a coal miner. His wife is May Hayes 32. And he has daughter Evelyn 9 and son John 6 (Yes, there was a brother named John.) Looking through the census on the next page is Dollie 39 and Monroe 52 Williams. Possibly Moses sister but in 1880 census she is a year older. Monroe is also a coal miner.

    I have two birthdays. For Moses Hayes I have a WWI draft reg from 1917-1918, Jackson county, birth date Sept 25, 1879. Nearest relative May Hayes.

    Then I have Mose Hays, on an Illinois Death index I have the birth date Oct 20, 1881. Death March 22, 1928. Parents C.M.Hays and Fannie Finney, spouse May Hays. I have a burial at County Line Cenetery for Mose L Hayes. There are 13 other Hayes in there including Fannie, James A, Mae, and Sarah.

    My father in law never spoke about his family life. He passed in 1997. We were told his mother died when he was very young and his father was found dead, murdered, somewhere in Northern Williamson. The oldest sister, I assume was married. My father in law, one brother and a sister were living with Norton and Nettie (Hayes) Ragland in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I can not connect Nettie with Moses. My father in law said that they were his aunt and uncle. His other brother Harry Hayes is with an Ellsworth and Eliza Williams as “adopted son” on the 1930 Census.

    Sorry this is long. I would love to be pointed in the right direction and would appreciate any help in figuring out who is who. Thank you. Tina Hayes

    • There is a Moses, listed as a boarder, living with Monroe and Dollie Williams in Frankfort, Franklin, Illinois in the 1900 U.S. Census. I’ll keep searching though.

      • Interesting. I didnt event think to look at it because the last name was Williams. The census has Moses Williams birth date as Oct 1880.

        • I did a lot of searching over the weekend. I did find a Calvin Hays married to Zina/Zinna Finney 1875, Williamson County. I also found their children, Dolly, Moses, Eliza, Nettie and Minnie. All the info I have for the children list Calvin and Zina Hays/Hayes as the parents. I have Eliza married to Ellsworth Williams. Calvin, if I have the correct one, had a brother James who married Sarah. I know that mistakes can be made on the census, do you think its possiable that “Simas” wife #2 on the 1880 Census is actually Zina? When you look at the actual record they have Dolly listed as a son. Where was Calvin?

  8. I am looking for information on Martha and/or Ulyssus ( Spelling? I have found it spelled several different ways) KIRK. From what I have found, Mr. Kirk owned land in Grassy Township and was listed as a farmer. Originally from NC, he was a Union Soldier in the 7th Regiment TN cavalry. Ranked as a Private and was a farrier. He died Dec 9, 1887 and is suppose to be buried in Oak cemetery, Grassy Township, Willimason Co. I can’t seem to find any such cemetery. Was it renamed?? Any idea where this might be located? I would like to find their grave sites. Martha died March 21, 1881 and was originally from TN. They had at least 1 son, James F from what I have found ( also born in TN). James married Frances Armstrong March 19, 1874 in Williamson CO. The bride also being from TN. James had at least 3 children all born in Grassy between 1870-1879. Thanks for any help.

    • Oak Cemetery is located on the north side of the intersection at Grassy rd and Rocky Comfort rd. According to the book Those Left Behind by Helen Sutt Lind, there are four known burials of Kirk family members, all without markers.

      Nancy Ann Kirk, 30y 3m, died 19 May 1878 of pneumonia
      Ulysses Kirk, 71y 1m 23d, died 9 Dec 1887 of pneumonia
      Sarah Kirk, died 12 May 1897 widow of Ulysses
      Barthena Kirk, 11y 10m 21d, died 29 Dec 1887 of cerebral abscess

  9. Hello, looking for info on my cousins family. They lived in Herrin. Emery Harrison Blair (their grandpa) worked for the coal mine. I found his and his daughters obituary but seem to not be able to find anything on his wife Mary Woodward Blair and his son (my cousins dad) Jack Blair (might be Jasper, changed to a nickname) His sister’s obit says her mom, dad and brother died before her. But under Jasper or Jack, I find very little. I know he went to Herrin schools. Looking for photos of this family to pass on to their families or any family history. Any bit will help.

    • Mary Woodward Blair died 21 Oct 1972 in Herrin. She is buried in Herrin City Cemetery next to her husband. Her obituary is in the 23 Oct 1972 edition of the Southern Illinoisan.
      I didn’t find any photos or family histories of this Blair Family.

      Jack Blair died 29 Mar 1996 in St. Lucie County, FL.

  10. Hello, I am trying to find death dates/burial place/obit for Tobe/Tobias McCowan/McCown. He was born 17 April 1880 in Carterville to Chester McCowan and Eva Bradley. He married Bernice Bulliner in 1903. Bernice was born 2 Sep 1882 to Emmanuel Hiram and Mary Jane Tyner. Bernice died 7 June 1963 and according to her death cert is buried in the Robinson Cemetery in New Burnside in Johnson County and she was listed as a widow. I would like to find her headstone and or burial records. Williamson County Clerk could not find a death record for Toby. He is a mystery. IF i can find info on his wife, maybe I can find him. I also know he was a coal miner and had 13 children. He lived in Creal springs most of his life. Thank you.

    • From an older reading of Robinson Cemetery there is a Bernice McCowan 22 Sep 1882- 7 Jun 1963 with Oren McCowan 12 Apr 1880-27 Apr 1945 and their son Joe L McCowan 1914-1937.

  11. I’m searching for information regarding my Merdith(Meredith) (Henson) family surname. Particularly through a William B Meridth b 1835 died 1894, married a Mary Jane Miller in 1855. I believe they are buried in County Line Cemetery in Creal Springs. Mary’s father is John Miller, no mother’s name is given. William B Meridth’s parents are Junior and Margaret Ward Meridth. Junior may have been born in Virginia and Margaret in North Carolina. Margaret’s parents may have been Benjamin Benton Ward and Margaret Murphy Ward. Trying to find where the Native American lineage is or where I might find it.

    • I’m also looking for information regarding a Phoeba Angeline Rich, who was married to my great-great grandfather Pleasant Howard Henson. I don’t know if they divorced or she died early in her life. I believe she is buried in the Odum family cemetery in Creal Springs though I don’t have dates. Pleasant Howard then married Henrietta Meredith (Meridith).

  12. My grandmother was born in Herrin in 1919. Her name is Hazel Lorine VanZandt. Her mother was, Delphia Ann Jones (VanZandt York Stewart). Looking for any information on the family. Delphia’s father was Jesse F. Jones, and mother Susan Ann Eakin/Aiken.

    Delphia was a cook and met her third husband, Walter Stewart while working as a cook in a Carnival. Her first husband was Ulysses Grant Welch (surname later changed to VanZandt, his mother’s maiden name). Looking for any information on the VanZandt’s and Welch Family as well. Her 2nd husband was John York.

    Thank you, Peggy A. Rowe-Snyder. pegrowe62@gmail.com

      • Hi,
        If you are asking me, I am looking for anything that will help me. Ulysess Grant VanZandt was listed on my grandmothers birth certificate. But, her mother told her that John York was her father. My DNA says that more than likely, Grant VanZandt is my great grandfather. I have no photo of him, and I only know him from what records I have found. I know for example his father is Thomas J. welch (do not know who his parents are, and would love to know) and his mother was Parthania P. VanZandt (Daugher of Joshua VanZandt & Dicey Hughes). I just want to know more about them as people. What were their jobs, did they get into trouble, where did they go to church. Most of that is probably lost I know. But, sometimes when one asks, sometimes by some miracle, there is an answer to some of that. I volunteer for my local historical society (Douglas County Oregon). So, I know there can be archives, and scrapbooks, bibles, and more. Thanks so much!! Peg

  13. I am trying to find out how to get copies of an inquest from 1922. My gg-grandfather, Joseph Henry Smith committed suicide at Weaver on 05 Sep 1922. His obituary notes that an inquest was done by Coroner McCown from Marion. Does anyone know if these records are still being kept and how to access/get a copy of them?

    • Have you tried contacting the Williamson County Coroner’s Office? Their number is 618-993-1314. Or you might try the Circuit Clerk’s Office at 618-998-2231.

  14. Can anyone tell me with absolute certainty who were Laban Carter’s parents? My ggrandfather was Pinkney Carter, son of Levi Carter and Mila Emily Kennedy

    • Levi was married before Mila Emily Kennedy to I believe a Jane Holt or Jane Hart. I am looking for any information anyone may have on Laban Carter, founder of Cartersville,and his family. Especially his father. My ggrandfather Pinkney Carter was a brother to Laban. Pinkney, another brother Parham and Laban all started out serving with the 6 th TN cavalry for the Union. Pinkney and Parham remained but Laban was switched to the 7 th Tn cavalry by a commanding officer. I have seen it noted on the net that Levi’s father was Henry Carter, son of Kindred Carter and mother Martha Parham. As there was a son named Parham it would make sense. Until you note, that if the birthdays given are correct,mother little,old Martha would have been only 11 when she became a mama . So, if anyone has any info on Labans heritage, I would greatly appreciate any light you may shed on this for me.

      • In the book entitled: “HISTORY OF GALLATIN, SALINE, HAMILTON, FRANKLIN and WILLIAMSON COUNTIES, ILLINOIS – From the Earliest Times to the Present; Together with Sundry and Interesting Biographical Sketches, Notes, Reminisences, etc” published in 1887 by The Goodspeed Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, you will find the following Biographical Sketch for Laban Carter and his family….This book is available online for your perusal, you will need to Google it to locate it. The Biographical Sketch reads as follows:
        Laban Carter.
        Laban Carter, retired farmer and speculator, Carterville,
        was born in Stanly County, N. C, August 28, 1822, the son of
        Levi and Jane (Holt) Carter. The father of English stock,
        born in 1791 in North Carolina, went to Henry County, Tenn., in
        1823, and bought 218 acres on which he passed his life. He
        died in 1845. The mother, of German lineage, a native of NorthCarolina, was born in 1791, and died in 1829. Laban, the only survivor
        of seven children, was only seven when his mother died, and
        with the meager pioneer school advantages he received hardly a
        common-school education, Henry County was the scene of this.
        He remained at home with his father until of age. October
        2, 1844, he married Berrilia Jackson, born in Bedford County,
        Tenn., in 1829. Mary A. (wife of John Black), James N. and
        Levi M. are the children. He lived in Weakley County for
        three years, and then became owner of 113 acres in Henry
        County. In May, 1862, he enlisted in Company A, Seventh Tennessee
        Infantry, and after five months’ service he was discharged
        on account of disability at Trenton, October 3. His wife died in
        1860, and September 5, 1861, he married Nancy, daughter of
        William and Orpha (Smith) Snodgrass, born in 1839 in Jonesboro,
        Tenn. Their children are Sarah J. (wife of Samuel Bundy)
        Barnett H., Minnie D., Thomas E. and Maggie D. In 1863 he
        came to Jackson County, and six months later moved to Franklin
        County. In the fall of 1864 he moved to Williamson County,
        and bought 100 acres of land in Carterville Precinct. In November,
        1872, he succeeded in locating a postoffice at Carterville, which
        postoffice and the city which grew up around it were named in
        honor as the founder and foster father of them both. He soon
        added forty acres, and in 1872 leased 120 acres to the Carbondale
        Coal & Coke Company for ninety-nine years or as long as the
        coal lasted. He now owns 440 acres, has a lease of 680 acres, and
        is an able business man. In politics he is a Republican, first voting
        for Polk as a Democrat before the war. He was magistrate
        of the Fifth District of Henry County, Tenn., six years, and held
        the same office in Williamson County, being elected in 1874. He
        is a Mason, and he and his wife are members of the Methodist
        Episcopal Church lie being one of its trustees. He is also a
        stockholder and director of the St. Louis Coal Railroad.

        I hope this helps….He is also written about in the Section regarding the History of Williamson County.

    • See below to you previous question for further information:

      In the book entitled: “HISTORY OF GALLATIN, SALINE, HAMILTON, FRANKLIN and WILLIAMSON COUNTIES, ILLINOIS – From the Earliest Times to the Present; Together with Sundry and Interesting Biographical Sketches, Notes, Reminisences, etc” published in 1887 by The Goodspeed Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, you will find the following Biographical Sketch for Laban Carter and his family….

      Laban Carter, retired farmer and speculator, Carterville,
      was born in Stanly County, N. C, August 28, 1822, the son of
      Levi and Jane (Holt) Carter……….

  15. Hello. May I request a cemetery lookup for Cynthia E. Rust Goodman b. 1817 d. after 1870? Cynthia was married to William Goodman d. 18 Nov 1857. They lived in Township 10 Range 2, Southern Township. If you can locate her death date and/or burial place, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • I only found mention of her and John L. Perry being named administrators of her husbands estate dated July 9, 1858 in the Marion Intelligencer paper, no grave or death date was found sorry

  16. Sam, if you get a chance I would really like to get any details on one of my great-great grandmother, France’s (Francis) Jane WIlburn born 1860 in Williamson County to Richard WIlburn and Mary Jane. The family believes she died in 1892 at age of 32. Would love any and all details. She had my great grandfather Harley Monroe Wilburn in 1882 and later married a Stephen L. Culbreth in 1886. Thanks again!

  17. i am looking for a record of my grandmother lily j Morgan’s birth. i think she was born in lake crekj township in either 1888 or 1889 her parents are listed there in the 1880 census
    but they were both from campbell hill in jackson county her father thomas j morgan got sick with tuberculosis and they had moved back to murphysboro by 1900. thank you.

    • Reba Forbes,74, of 307 Rowatt St. will be in Union Funeral Home, West Frankfort. Burial will be in Denning Cemetery, West Frankfort. Mrs. Forbes formerly of W. Frankfort died at 1:45 PM, Oct. 13, 1986 in Marion Memorial Hospital. She was a homemaker. She was born Jan. 31, 1912, in West Frankfort to Elmer and Essa Karnes Wilburn.
      She married George Forbes. He preceded her in death Jan. 2, 1975.
      Taken from her obit in Southern Illinoisan dated Oct. 15, 1986

  18. I would like to get any additional information on my ancestor Richard Wilburn (1833-1881)who lived in Williamson County, IL. I show a marriage as Richard F. Wilburn to Mary Jane Rains in 1858. The 1880 census shows Richard with wife and family in Northern, Williamson County. His name was supposedly Richard Thomas Wilburn. Looking for any info on his death and where he is buried. Thank you!

    • Northern Township is what is now Corinth Township. I searched for a listing of Richard Wilburn in all of the cemetery inscription books and found nothing on him. I did find a listing in the Egyptian Press newspaper dated July 14, 1881 stating that Mary J. Wilburn was the administratrix of his estate. I also found two court records related to Richard passing without a will causing a bill for partition and a dower. The case numbers are 1910-PD-003 and 014. In the court records, his death date is stated as April 24, 1881 and all of his children are listed. The property in dispute was Township 8, Range 4, Section 6, SW 1/4 of SE 1/4. His wife Mary J. died Aug. 27, 1909 of tuberculosis and is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, now called Campground Cemetery. Copies of the court records are available for a fee.

  19. I’m trying to locate my father’s family home in Herrin. The 1920 census lists their address as 915 South 13th St, but in 1930 the address is 901 South 13th St. Then the 1940 census lists my uncle as living at 913 South 13th St. Could all of these address be the same house? Was there a change in the street numbering in that time period? This was a home that my grandparents built. Any information relating to this would be appreciated!

  20. I am hoping that Wmson’s marriage records for 1896 contain parents. I am specifically looking to find the parents of Robert Alexander SUMMERS who married Mary (Branon) STONE on 1 Oct 1896. Also hope the record states Robert’s number of marriages. Thank you in advance!

    • The information on this marriage is as follows: Robert Summers,age 73, a farmer, born in Sumner Co, Tn, living in Corinth Township, parents Alec Summer and Lillie _______; married Mary (Branen)Stone, age 67, born in Laurans Co., Tn, living in Creal Springs, parents, James Branen, and Craft _______. Married on Oct. 1, 1896 at Creal Springs, by J.R. Tucker, M.G., Witnessed by B.H. Greer and Sarah Langley. Both show this as being their 4th marriage.

  21. I am looking for a marriage certificate for William Johnston and Mary F. Williams. They lived in Williamson County IL.

    William was born in 1861. Mary F Williams was born in 1863. Her father is Isham Williams originally from Madisonville KY.

    I am not certain what city in Williamson county. I believe they had 3 children; Monroe, Levi and Della.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


    Michael Johnston

    • Our Records show: James A JOHNSON marrying Mary F WILLIAMS on 30 Aug 1893 at the residence of AJ Springs by CW Miller. James is listed as a 26 yr old farmer born in Hamilton Co. ILL to William and Lemia Johnson. Mary was 29 years old born in Williamson Co. ILL to Ishem and Elizabeth Williams. 1st marriage for both.

  22. I am looking for the burial places for Hugh Mark Curtis and his wife Bertha Josephine Mosgrove. Hugh was born November 4, 1866 and died September 4, 1941 and Bertha was born August 23, 1887 and died November 25, 1925. They both died in Herrin. Bertha’s death record says she is buried in Herrin City Cemetery but I have been unable to locate her and Hugh’s just says in Herrin, Illinois. Any information on Hugh and his wife would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • According to the book Herrin City Cemetery by Charla Murphy & Helen Lind, in Section F Block 16 Lot 43 is a marker for Bertha J Curtis. Transcribed as 1881-1925 In memory of my dear wife. Asleep in Jesus.
      She is the only person in this lot with a marker.
      Hugh’s death certificate should state which funeral home he was at, that would help.

  23. My ggrandfather was Pinkney Carter, younger brother of Laban Carter. I am looking for any info on who Laban Carters grandparents ( Levi’s parents) may have been. Also in any info on any other siblings that Laban may have had. I know that Levi married a second wife after Jane Holt( mother of Laban). Her name was Emily, and she and Levi had the following children before Levi’s death in 1845. Parham b abt 1833, Mary Ann, Marth C. ( Patsy) America, Ala E., Pinkney ( my gggrandfather) And Rolland. Just looking for any other siblings of Laban from mother Jane Holt.

    • The only reference we found was in The Story of Carterville: it’s first hundred years by Maranda Scoby. It states that ‘Laban, the only survivor of seven children, was only seven when his mother died’

  24. I have an un-substantiated marriage date and place for William F “Billy” Powell to Lemontine Gilley 29 July 1878 in Williamson County, IL. Can anyone cite an actual record to support this? This marriage was conducted by William Moore, Minister of the Gospel.

    • Our Williamson County marriage records indicate the following: W.F. Powell, Farmer/22/White/American, parents Priston (Presley) Powell and Nancy Jones, married L.J. Gilley, 19/White/American, parents Wesly Gilly and Doza Dooms on 29 July 1878 at the bride’s residence by William Moore, MG. Father of bride having given consent.

  25. I am looking for any information regarding George W. Rex (1806-1878) who lived in Spillertown, Il. I found the Rex cemetery, but only one internment is indicated. Also looking for information about James Wilhelm who married Mary Jane Rex. He may have run a “grocery/liquor” store out of his house north of Marion.

    • Rex family buried in Rex cemetery:William Rex d. 27 Apr 1909 71y with Elmina Simmons Rex d.25 Jan 1900 52y
      Mamie Rex d.7 Aug 1892 9m 1d
      George W Rex d.8 Dec 1894 18y 9d
      Bertie son of Wm & M.E. d.5 Nov 1887 6y 4m 20d
      Eulie 10 Oct 1877-2 Oct 1878
      Lily 21 Sep 1871-11 Oct 1872
      Arthur 11

      • Arthur Rex 11 Aug 1870-22 Aug 1870
        There are also a few other families at Rex cemetery.
        County Death Record: G.W.Rex d.22 Nov 1878 67y Congestion of brain, Widowed, buried in Spillertown.
        Events in Egypt Vol 1 15 Nov 1877 ‘A little child of Mrs Wilhelm, who recently moved into the Bainbridge property on West Main Street, died Tuesday.’ Marion Monitor ‘a child of James Wilhelm who moved here Monday, died the same day.’ EP

    • DWJENT on April 1, 2015 at 1:55 PM said:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.



      I updated the Rex Cemetery on findagrave.com for your perusal. I have added 15 additional memorial records to that cemetery, ALONG with the Source Information that I utilized for each memorial created. You will find one memorial regarding your inquiry for George W. Rex at the following link:


      or at http://www.findagrave.com, Williamson County, Rex Cemetery, G.W. Rex.

      I hope this helps as I have 2 sources listed that may be of interest.

  26. Dillingham Shed Church and Cemetery.
    Does anyone know where the early records for the church are located? I am researching the Millers, many members of this family are buried here. Nancy J. Miller and Martha T. Miller were daughters of this family. I am interested in finding their spouses. They may have belonged to the congregation or were married here.

    • I do not know where the early records for the church are located but I would contact Dale Malone in Marion, IL. He looks after the cemetery. My grandmother was Lula Miller Beers and is buried there. I have information on some of the Millers buried there. My e-mail is rwill300@aol.com

  27. I would like t0 get in touch with PAUL WHITE of Somerset, NJ in 2002 who posted as a guest regarding a WHITE FAMILY BIBLE, specifically John Holden White and wife Emily McCoy of Williamson Co., IL.

  28. I’m not even sure I’m chasing the correct family, but….I found in the criminal records index one of the names I’m after. It lists “gaming” in 1863 as the crime. This would have been during the War, so am guessing this person didn’t participate. Also guessing that “gaming” was gambling. ??? Since that’s a rather ambiguous term, could you tell me what the offense was specifically? Thank you!

    • As I communicated with you by email, gaming is just gambling and at various times in history, there were zero tolerance policies against it so it could have been literally any form of gambling. In this particular case, a man by the name of W.H. Trusty was charged and had to file a $100 bond. C. Shaw was only involved as a security, meaning he likely paid the bond for Mr. Trusty or served to vouch for him. The original charge was not found with the bond papers so we will never know what it was exactly in this particular case. Your relative Mr. C. Shaw was probably just a friend or trusted acquaintance.

  29. Hello. I am trying to locate the graves of Thomas B. Jones (b. @ 1805) and Catharine Glen Jones (b. @ 1825). Catharine died between 1870 and 1880 and Thomas sometime after 1880. There is an April 3 1883, entry in the Williamson County Register of Deaths for a Reverend Thomas Jones who was buried in “Prairie Cemetery.” I found a Williams Prairie Cemetery on findagrave but no Thomas Jones, let alone Catharine, is listed. Any suggestions?

    • BBARICK:

      As one that has the original records for the Williams Prairie Baptist Church dating back to 1861 and in the process of compiling them in published form, I can share with you that there were Jones’ that were related with this church and its adjacent cemetery. However, there are no records that pertain to persons by the names of Thomas and/or Catherine Jones during anytime of the 155 years of the church and cemetery’s existence. Findagrave.com for this cemetery is accurate as to those listed as buried there, due to my own research even as to those that are buried there without gravemarkers. I created memorials for all known persons buried there without gravemakers and have provided all of the source document information within the memorials themselves for validation. This Cemetery/Church is surrounded by our family farm and 6 generations of our family have worshipped over the years there.

      Although I do have some information that should be at least beneficial in your search:

      1) Source: Williamson County Marriage Records: Thomas B. Jones Groom and Catharine Glenn (As recorded) were married August 17, 1848, by W. Ferrell, M.G.
      (Source Book: The Blood Over Williamson by Charles M. Howard 1980 -W. Ferrell is William Ferrell, Minister of the Gospel. He was one of the founding ministers of the Davis Prairie Baptist Church.

      2) According to the book “History of Franklin Association of United Baptists” by W.P. Throgmorton, Editor of the Baptist Banner. Benton, Illinois. 1880 Baptist Banner Print in the chapter entitled: ‘Life Sketches of Ministers’ one will find detailed biographies of the ministers of that time that served Franklin, Williamson, etc. counties in Southern Illinois. Rev. T.B. Jones’ biography is unfortunately short but reads as follows:

      “T.B. JONES”-“This brother has not preached much for many years. His membership we believe is with DAVIS PRAIRIE CHURCH, Williamson County. He is getting old, and never attends our general gatherings.” This book was published in 1880.

      3) According to the “Illinois Baptist General Association Minutes for the year 1878-1879” — T.B. Jones lists his mailing Post Office/County as: Crab Orchard, Williamson. I did find him listed as the pastor of the Gum Springs Church in Williamson County in the late 1850’s in other statistical tables as well. Gum Springs became Springhill Baptist Church.

      I believe that it would be safe to assume that Thomas B. Jones is buried at Davis Prairie Cemetery located on Route 13 five miles east of Marion since his membership is listed as there in 1880. The church itself moved to the Plumville area in the late 1980’s when Route 13 was widened to a four lane highway. The highway runs through the location of the former church building; however, the cemetery that was adjacent to the church still remains untouched. From my experience, when the cemetery is listed on the death record as PRAIRIE CEMETERY it is referring to the Davis Prairie Cemetery. When I scour findagrave.com, I do not see a memorial listing for him or Catherine. HOWEVER, findagrave.com is only as accurate and complete as are those that created the memorial which are typically only created by family members and alot of times without validation. It may be worth a visit. It is a sizeable cemetery, and both may be buried in unmarked graves unfortunately as well as what was somewhat common during that timeframe.

      4) Also on the WCHIS website there are index records listed for divorces. Not sure if this pertains to the Jones information that you are researching but there is a divorce in 1866 between a Thomas Jones and Catherine Jones. Divorce File# DV-007. They are listed separately, but have the same applicable divorce file#. This may very well not be related but you may want to check it out also.

      Hope this helps with your search! DW Jent

      • Thank you very much. This is all very helpful. On my next visit, I will go to this cemetery. Also, the divorce file is interesting. Catherine disappears after the 1870 census and Thomas is living with one of his sons. I hadn’t considered the possibility of divorce.

  30. I am seeking proof that my ancester “Betsy” Elizabeth Ann Trammell Whitaker was the daughter of Phillip Trammell, III (1 Apr 1791 in GA-31 Jan 1854 in Williamson Co and Rebecca Newton Trammell (born 1795 in GA- died 1893 in Willimson Co). Betsy was born 24 Dec 1823 in Stonefort, Il. , died 28 Sep 1906 in New Burnside, Il., and married William Whitaker 24 Aug 1843. I have their marriage record (Williamson Co) and her death record (Johnson Co.)but no record of her birth or census listings with her parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

        1839 – 1885 VOL i
        William Whitacher – Betsy Ann Trammell were married 24 Aug 1843
        PHILLIP TRAMMELL, bride’s father gave consent

      • Thank you. I don’t live locally so I’ll have to get someone up that way to make a trip to the courthouse and get that record. I have a copy of their marriage license but it doesn’t have her father’s giving his consent on it, which I need. Thank you again for your help.

  31. Hello, I am trying to establish the birthplace of my GG grandfather. Most references have been made to Mt. Vernon however his birth certificate lists “Marion”. Of course I don’t know if that is the city of Marion or Marion County. There were five children born between 1879 and 1893 (1879, 1882, Aug 1887, 11 May 1892, 10 Oct 1893). The surname is Hensley and the parents were Jesse and Eliza. Any help is of course appreciated. Thanks

  32. I am looking for any information on the John (Johann) and Antonia MENZIK family that lived in Johnston City, possibly in the 1920’s. My grandmother, Mary Ann Menzik, was born there (1916), as was her sister, Martha Jean (1919). She also graduated from a catholic school when she was in the 8th grade. Her brothers (John, Paul, and Frank) all worked in the coal mines with her father. The family ran some sort of a boarding house as well.

    Can you supply any information regarding the school, boarding house, or other family?



    • I am looking for any information on the John (Johann) and Antonia MENZIK family that lived in Johnston City, possibly in the 1920′s. My grandmother, Mary Ann Menzik, was born there (1916), as was her sister, Martha Jean (1919). She also graduated from a catholic school when she was in the 8th grade. Her brothers (John, Paul, and Frank) all worked in the coal mines with her father. The family ran some sort of a boarding house as well.

      Can you supply any information regarding the school, boarding house, or other family?


    • My grandfather was Frank Menzik. His mother and father were John Johann and Antonia Menzik. I was told they came over from Germany on a boat with all of the family. John had been working in the coal mines he was from Germany. Antonia his wife came from Germany, later with all of his children. PM me for more information.

  33. My father told me some time ago during a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry that my great grandfather had worked in a coal mine near Coal city. After a recent visit to my grandmothers, the discussion turned to a gun my grandmother had, that was given to my grandfather by his father. The was a .38 detective special, one of the most popular firearms of the period. My grandma said that my great grandfather bought the gun because he needed to defend himself from Klansman in the area who were forcing the African Americans out of town/ or out of the mine. My grandfather was associated with them, so he bought the firearm to protect his family. My father told me that my grandfather lived in Johnston City, so I was hoping to learn more about what was occurring in the town with racial tension, the mining industry, the Klu Klux Klan, and where my great grandfather might have lived. The time period I am looking at is around the 1920s-1930s.

    • I have chatted a bit with you by email and found that your family in question was Italian-American,as was mine. This county had a fairly high count of Italian immigrants working the many local mines from post turn of the century. When the 1920’s brought prohibition, gang warfare and lawlessness it also brought out a strong KKK presence in this county who permeated the local churches, law enforcement and partially, the judicial system, the main focus being brought down on many Italians. The common perception in those days was that most foreigners, particularly Italians, were in the words of a local Methodist minister of the time, “wine addicted.” In addition to the klan and a hired gun of the KKK named S. Glenn Young, many immigrants fell under their tyranny. Beyond the KKK influence, the Italian criminal organization, the Black Hand, operated in this area and particularly in Johnston City, where an Italian was wrongly charged and then lynched in the 1920’s. Another enormous factor in this counties history is the influence of the UMWA in those days. On more than one instance, from 1899 to 1922, numerous lives were taken in “union vs non-union” fights. In short, I would say that your grt-grt grandfather had good reason to be a bit paranoid during that time frame, but you know what they say. Your not paranoid if its true.
      BTW, there is still a strong Italian-American influence in this county as evidenced by the yearly Herrin Illinois late May celebration of Festa Italiana

      • Guy, I have done some searching and found your Grt Grt Grandfather, Sam LoPresti, still living in Johnston City during the 1930 census taken on April 17th. Sam was 40 years old (birth year 1889), his wife was Josephine, aged 34. Their immigration dates were shown as 1908 for him and 1922 for her. They had three children, the oldest was Carmelia, aged 1 year and 1 month and twins, your grandfather Gaetano, recorded as “Guy” and his twin sister, Jennie. Both twins were shown as 1 month old. They owned their own home in Johnston City at 507 W. 10th Street which they valued at $500. Sam worked as a loader for a coal mine. Sam and Josephine had been married app. 10 years at this point, which means they would have been married before she came to the U.S., so presumably he returned back to Italy at some point between 1908 and 1920.

        The 1940 census revealed that by 1935, the couple had moved to Chicago and were living in the 4400 block of Wallace St. They appear to have owned the home and valued it at $1,500. The entire family was still together and all had aged 10 years making Carmelia 11 and the twins both 10. Your grandfather was recorded as Thomas in this census. Sam was working as a laborer in the Chicago stock yards. He had made $1,005 in income for 1939, the previous year by working 50 weeks of the year.

        Just FYI, since the name LoPresti is not that common here, I noticed a couple living in Herrin in 1923 with the name of Frank and Providence LoPresti. He was listed as a fruit dealer, likely a relative, and they also moved to Chicago.

        I think I may have a handle on why Sam would have left here. First of all by 1922, Williamson County was kicking out record coal levels. Then in 1922, a union/non-union incident called the Herrin Massacre resulted in the deaths of about 22 people which was covered by nationwide news and considered a great shame. As a result, the coal business did a nose dive, because no one wanted to touch our coal. Following the serious curtailment of mine production, 1929 brought the stock market crash and by the close of 1930, every bank in the county was closed and the great depression was on. People left this area for the bigger cities looking for jobs in mills, stock yards, car plants and wherever they could find work. I suspect that Sam LoPresti was among one of the families that pulled out (between 1930 and 1935) and never looked back.

        A search of news articles related to LoPresti turned up nothing and I did not find a delayed birth record filed on him in this county, he probably had one filled out in Cook County. Hope this is helpful.

  34. Hi – I am happy to find this site. I currently am working with three families (duh or more) from this area in the 1800s…Braxton P. Bandy, Wilshire Zimmerman, and Richard C. Epperson. I currently have most of their burial sites but specifically am looking for pictures, history and where Richard’s children went in the 1870 census after his death in 1865. His wife, a Bandy passed in 1864 and a few months later Richard married a Sarah Reeder. But he died a few months later. I cannot find the children some of whom are Douglas Epperson, Stephen Epperson and my grandmother Sarah Elizabeth Epperson who later married Braxton P. Bandy. The guardian of the children was Thomas Kelley, a minister or lawyer, but the children were not with him in 1870 and I cannot find them with Sarah Reeder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Gail, I’m going to go out on a limb here so bear with me.
      1870 US census- DeSoto precinct Jackson County Illinois Page 8 Family 63
      Sarah Jefferson b. abt 1823 TN
      Elizabeth Jefferson b. abt 1858 IL
      Douglas Jefferson b. abt 1860 IL
      Jefferson and Epperson sound close to me, especially if you add a dialect. The birth years and places also seem to match.

      I also see that Richard Epperson filed for an Old War Pension. Sarah Epperson, his widow, filed for a widows pension on May 9, 1881. Have you tried to obtain the pension records from the NARA?

  35. Hello, I am looking for information on my grandfather. Hubert Mccain born in 1906 in Corinth, Il. His father was John and his mother was Rena. I have his birth certificate, but it reads he was born as Fredrick Mccain. He has always been called Hubert.
    I am also looking for any information on Artemissa Mccain and her daughter Parthenia Kelley. They lived in the west end, Franklin county.
    Thanks so much. Pam

    • I have my grandfather’s birth certificate, but it has his name as Fredrick Mccain. But we never knew he was born with that name. He went by the name Hubert. I am looking for his school records to see what name he used. He went to Ebenezer school on Ebenezer & Watson Rd in Thompsonville. Any information is helpful.

      • Pam, best I can tell Hubert and his dad didn’t appear to stay in this county long, though he appears to have been ultimately buried in Saline County. I found some news bits about McCain’s living in the Pittsburg and Carterville area but nothing specific to Hubert McCain. You might inquire of Franklin County Historical Society and see if there is any notes on the family in the Thompsonville area. I looked through some Franklin County news extracts and didn’t spot anything on Hubert, sorry.

      • Pam:

        Here is a link to http://www.findagrave.com of the Ebenezer Church Cemetery located in Saline County, Illinois. (STILL A VERY ACTIVE COUNTRY CHURCH) Check them out on Facebook, too. You will find your family members memorials along with gravestone pictures here. A true believer in http://www.FINDAGRAVE.COM, I know you will enjoy it as much as I have. However, ALL INFORMATION ENTERED ON THE SITE is placed by Family Members and sometimes so-called genealogists that many times enter information incorrectly and/or haphazardly. The thousands of memorials I have entered, I always provide the source of my information. Many do not however. If you find errors, or wish to make additions, the instructions are detailed within the site. AND IT IS FREE!


        Happy Hunting….

  36. I am looking for a Glenn or Glen Patterson who was a dentist in Creal Springs, Il. in the early 1900’s. I believe he owned or ran one of the popular hotels there at that time. My grandmother, Effie Etta Potter, and he were good friends and I would love to have some information on him. It is believed that he may in some way be related to my family. I am working on a genealogy project and would like to enter information about him. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    • Janet, I spent some time looking through local history books, newspaper clippings from the period and genealogy records today at the museum and found absolutely nothing listed about the name of Glen Patterson. I will keep trying to find info on him but at the moment we come up dry, sorry.

      • Thanks for trying. I can not find anything about him either. I’m not positive about the first name but I thought a dentist named Patterson might come up with something. I am lead to believe that he and my paternal grandmother (Effie Etta Potter Winn) had an affair and thus my father, Maurice Lee Potter, was born in July 1919. He was born in Maudlin, Mo. where my grandmother went to stay with relatives until after the birth. I don’t know if Patterson was even aware off the child before or after the birth. The older Mrs. Cosby at the funeral home in Creal Springs was a good friend of my grandmother and that’s where we got the name Patterson. She said he was a dentist and my grandmother worked for him in one of the hotels as a maid. It would be so great to find out something about this man but……..Again thanks for trying.

        • Janet,

          From my book, “Bits of News” Volume I (1919-1920)taken from the Marion Daily Republican paper:

          November 19, 1920
          Robert Motsinger made two important calls in Creal Springs on Saturday first to Dr. Patterson’s dental parlors and next to Dr. Ragsdale’s office.

          It doesn’t give Dr. Patterson’s first name, but from this we can assume he was a dentist.

          I found your grandmother’s (Effie Potter) family, in the 1910 Williamson County census with her mother (Florence, a widow), three sisters and two brothers. I didn’t seen them listed in the 1920 census. Hope this is a little help.

        • Janet,

          Just found a few additional items that may be of some help. Dr. Patterson’s full name is Harry Lasalle Patterson. He was born May 31, 1888 in Carrier Mills, Illinois. In census records, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 he was living in Creal Springs with his family. Apparently he never married nor did his brother, Fred Patterson. The family members listed in the 1900 census are:
          Mary E. Patterson 36 (mother)
          James Patterson 16 (brother)
          Fred Patterson 14 (brother)
          Harry Patterson 12 (Dr. Patterson)
          Freeda Patterson 9 (sister)
          After 1900 his brother, James Patterson was not living with them.

          Dr. Patterson’s occupation was listed as Dentist and his brother, Fred was listed as “Clerk in Hotel.”

    • Janet:

      I spent about five seconds doing a query on google and found a plethora of information. The Creal Springs ESTATE SALE OF Dr. Patterson, Dentist, just completed on September 27, 2014!! I must assume that this is the person you are inquiring information about. (After all, how many Dentist by the name of Patterson can be from Creal…)
      Please find the Estate Sale (Interior/Exterior) photographs of Dr. Patterson, Dentist from Creal Springs, Illinois via the following link:

      SATURDAY, SEPT. 27, 2014 10:00 A.M.


      Hopefully this helps….if not query google by placing following this format: “Dentist” and “Patterson” and “Creal Springs”

      YOU MUST INCLUDE THE QUOTATION SYMBOLS in your internet searches.as well as the word AND..there are around 500,000 hits…

      I believe this will lead you quickly down your path….

      • Janet:

        A BIG CORRECTION….the Estate Sale is not that of Dr. Patterson directly. However, it is the Estate of Ray Horn, Deceased and Mary Horn, whom were the existing owners of Dr. H.L. Patterson’s home….sorry for the misleading information…Ironically, in the Carbondale FREE PRESS Newspaper Archives there was an adamant advertisement stating that: “NOTICE! To avoid any confusion on the part o£ my patients, Dr. H. L. Patterson o£ Creal Springs and Dr. ..H. W. Patterson are not the same…..” found a little bit of humor in that…..

        • Thank you so much for all the above information – I’m thrilled!! I now have a name, and like you, how many Patterson dentist could there be in Creal Springs? I’m going to take your suggestions and try to find more information about this man. Sorry not to get back to you sooner but had to set the genealogy aside for some time. I am so thankful you continued the search. Thanks so much!!

          • I have been following this chain of comments. At the auction on Sept. 27 my husband and I purchased the house in Creal Springs that was built (according to our info) by Dr. Patterson. We are interested in knowing about him and his family. Would you mind sharing what you learn about him? We would like to restore the home, if possible, as it was when new. Thank you.

  37. Hello, I am seeking out an obituary for Unity Sizemore (maiden name Canady) who died 24 June 1887 in Carterville, IL. I’m hoping that an obituary may point me to her parents’ names and their origin from Scotland. Perhaps at minimum, it will point to a church she attended, which may have additional information.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Adrian (apolloag@hotmail.com)

    • Adrian, I have forwarded a county death record to you related to Unity’s demise and disposition also her tombstone inscription from Hurricane Cemetery. Not likely an obit will be found, but hope this helps some anyway. I’ll keep looking on this. Sam

  38. Hi everyone! I am the great great niece of B.F. Johnston, & great great grand daughter of P.M. Johnston. The towns of Bonnie and Ina were also named after my great aunts.
    I heard when i was young, that a picture of B.F. Johnston hung in your bank years ago. Has it perished, or still in your town somewhere?
    I am also interested did he own any mines.? Are there pictures anywhere of these mines if so?
    Is there any more history on these subjects to share?
    You can email me any pictures at toudie110@yahoo.com

    • I have inquired of a Johnston City historian about B.F. Johnston and found that there is not a lot to find on him. The only place he was found mentioned was in the book “Glimpses of the Past” by Pearl Roberts and published in 1977 about J.C. history. Two references are made to him which
      from the content of your inquiry indicates you are already aware of. I did make copies of the pages just in case you haven’t seen them. Let me know if you haven’t and I will send copies.

      I will continue to be vigilant about Mr. Johnston and his influence on the county, perhaps more will surface as time goes on. We are in the process of inventorying all of the photos in our museum, so if any surface related to him or the “old mine”, I’ll let you know.

    • Karla:

      I reside in Phoenix, Arizona. However, Johnston City, is my hometown, as well as Williamson County. Holding special memories of the educational, family, historical and spiritual influences garnered early in life.

      As a result, I wanted to respond to your initial inquiry pertaining to your Great-Great ancestors: B.F. (Benjamin Franklin?) and P.M. Johnston. I have outlined some information for your perusal:

      A) Several years ago, I posted the following information on the following website, when a forum inquiry regarding “Does anyone know who Johnston City was names after?” I have incorporated a link to this forum:


      Tom Johnston from Warrenville, IL, was the one that posed the question. You may be related. His contact information is posted there.

      B) Furthermore, I wanted to suggest 4 books that may be of interest. They are resources with historical and source verification. They are:
      1) Roberts, Pearl, “Glimpses of the Past”, Interstate Printers, Danville, Illinois, 1977.
      2) Macfarlane, William N., “The Magic City of Egypt”, Complete Printing, ElPaso, Texas, 1991.
      3) Wilcox, J.F., compiled and edited by. “Historical Souvenir of Williamson County, Illinois….” LeCrone Press. Effingham, IL. 1905. Available online at:


      4) Selkowe, Peter, Publisher. “Wonderful Williamson Magazine: 150 years of Progress”, Southern Illinoisan Newspaper: 1989.

      In the book “The Magic City of Egypt”, page 4, the following details appear: “In 1893, B.F. Johnston, then General Manager of the Chicago, Paducah, and Memphis Railroad, revealed plans to extend the line to Marion from Mt. Vernon…one mile west of the settlement of Shakerag.” (Shakerag, known as Jeffersonville, is the original community just east of the railroad.) “Subsequently, the line was extended, the depot was built, and a great exodus began in 1894 as businesses and homes were moved from ‘Shakerag ‘ {Jeffersonville} to the new town site, named Johnston City in honor of the railroad builder.”…..”Furthermore, as soon as the railroad was built, Mr. Johnston and some of his associates where instrumental in the sinking of ‘Old Mine’ which was the first effort at operating a major coal mine in J.C….”
      Again, in the book “The Magic City of Egypt”, it is stated:”The first effort of operating a major mine in JC, was in 1896. The mine was named: “OLD MINE” and was financial backed by Mr. Johnston and his associates…The mine operated until 1920. It also acquired the name of “WHITE ELEPHANT” given it by citizens due to the excessive flooding and challenges it faced during its beginnings…..” On page 26, there is a detailed listing of JC Mine Names, their respected operator company names and years of operation. For instance: “OLD MINE, Operated: 1896-1920, Operator Company Name: WILLIAMSON COUNTY COAL COMPANY, Familiar Name: OLD MINE. Within this same listing is another mine named: “BLACK BIER #1, Operator Company Name: WILLIAMSON CO COAL CO”. This suggests another Johnston Family corporate name.

      In, “Wonderful Williamson Magazine: 150 years of Progress”, on page 13, “Johnston City: The town owes its name and location to the arrival of the railroad in 1894. The railroad station was named in honor Ben F. and P.M. Johnston, whose firm was one of the largest and best-known railroad contractors at the time…”

      C) Another item for your perusal is the following link to an article published in the Southern Illinoisan Newspaper.

      D) In your initial inquiry, you had requested information regarding photographs of B.F. Johnston that may have adorned the walls of one of the local banks. Founded in 1894, The Johnston City State Bank, which is the period of the Johnston Business Ventures. Although, this bank was not chartered until 1904, it is still in existence. However, due to the banking industry’s conglomeration processes, it is now a financial service of the ‘First Bank’ financial organization. A new banking center was built in the 1990’s. However, the original Johnston City State Bank building, circa 1904, was deeded to the city government of Johnston City shortly thereafter where the existing city offices/City Hall are located. The old bank vaults as well as some fixtures. Due to the fact that most facilities acquired or maintained by this city entity are not well maintained assets, B.F. Johnston could very well be hanging on the walls within the City Hall/ former JC State Bank Building. I suggest contacting the City Hall, Mayor Jim Mitchell. Since his family members were early business pioneers of the community, he may be not only interested with your family history, but may also be able to provide further insight on any artifacts.
      E) Among some of my old family photographs, there is a photograph of a those present at a family reunion during the 1930’s. The location of the photo is inside the Old JC Train Depot. Having only a poor scan of it, I noticed on the wall behind the family, 2 large framed photographs of men. My immediate inclination is that these may very well have been of your ancestors for whom the depot was named. This building is also now owned by the city government of Johnston City. Mayor Jim Mitchell may be able to assist further.
      F) Also, you may wish to check out the facebook.com page that is entitled: “Remember Growing up in Johnston City” This site has a plethora of old photographs of yesteryear. One of these photos is entitled: “OLD SOUTH SIDE MINE”. I believe this to be yet another name utilized for “OLD MINE” (The OLD MINE was located just south of JC)
      G) The last piece of information that I highly recommend may be located at the following link:


      Once you click on this link, peruse down to the link that states: PARCEL SEARCH, by clicking on this you will have the ability to search Williamson County DEED BOOK REGISTERS that date back to when the county was formed in 1839. By signing in as a GUEST via the PARCEL SEARCH LINK take notice at the top of this webpage a tab entitled: ONLINE INDEX BOOKS. By clicking on this tab, you will be able to search by Grantor/Grantee names and/or Organization/Company Names. I spent about five minutes and queried the last name: JOHNSTON. Check it out, I did quickly for the Johnston name and was able to ascertain a plethora of information within minutes. It also provided me several different MINE COMPANY NAMES that B.F. and P.M. Johnston were associated with.

      Granted, to ascertain the actual deed documents, one would have to request directly through the Williamson County Clerks Office. (After 34 years of service to the County, my mother retired as Williamson County Clerk in 2012) So rest assured, this is a great resource that many do not realize is available on the web from the confines of home….

  39. I am looking for pictures of the old one room school house called the sarilda school. the year was 1878-1959. land was given in1878 for the school by j h starks and his wife sarilda. section 24 of southern township district 90.

    • We have talked at the museum about this since this was posted and so far, no one has found a picture of the school. However, we are in the process of auditing all of the photo’s in the museum and creating a database of them so with any luck, perhaps we will eventually find one or someone will have one that they can share with us.

      • After your inquiry, one of the Bradley family from that area sent a couple of photos of the school taken in 1930, I am forwarding those to your email address, hope they help.

  40. Greetings from Sweden! Joel Akerstrom, a distant cousin on my maternal grandfather’s side, emigrated to the US and died in Chicago on 16 February 1941, hif wife Agnes died in 1945. The couple had one daughter Ruth, who married Stanley Walker. In the obituary of Agnes Akerstrom in 1945 it is noted that she was “the fond mother of mrs Ruth Walker, grandmother of Dallas Elizabeth”. According to US census 1940 Ruth would have been born in ca 1905 and her daughter in ca 1939. The SSDI gives a possible candiate in Ruth Walker, born on 2 May 1905, died in 1984 in Marion, Walliamson Co, IL. Could this Ruth Walker be identical to Ruth Akerstrom? Are there local obituaries available? Any help would be highly appreciated! Best regards from Susanne in Sweden

  41. I am looking for information concerning Thomas Jefferson Watson, born Dec 12, 1830 in Robertson Co, Tennessee, and died on May 1, 1896 in Williamson Co. Is there a way to get an obituary online, or thru an historical society?

    • Tom, I have emailed you some information related to the family, did not find an obit listed for T.J. but did find a fair amount of info related to the Watson family particularly that of Ehud Watson.

      • Sam, Do you by chance have any information on “Ehud Watson” born in 1850 in Kentucky and listed in the 1850 Williamson, IL US Census? He is listed as living with Robert Watson (Family no 434).

  42. I’m so impressed with what you have done with this site. I’m searching for the marriage of Mendoza Brush to someone named Marrow between 1900 and 1906. She also was divorced during this same period. Thanks. Judith

    • First, thanks, glad you like the site, hope to build on it considerably. Second, I checked the Wmson County Divorce records which we have indexed from 1840-1920 so far and found neither surname listed, perhaps she didn’t divorce in this county? Will nose around some more, first chance I get.

      • Judith, I checked on what marriage records we have up to 1902 and found nothing for either surname, also double checked the IRAD system and found nothing there either.

  43. Searching for any information on Andrew A. Jones, born 1871, died in Carterville either late 1905 or 1906. He is my grandfather and most important link in my family history. I can find no record of his death or burial. Andrew is the son of Thomas Jones, who is buried at Hurricane Cemetery near Carterville. His son, Charles Thomas Jones is my father. Jim

  44. So I am doing some research on the history of Creal Springs. Thinking about writing a piece about the fire that burned down the Ozark Hotel. Isn’t interesting that I find one article from the 1970s stating the fire was in 1917, and another from the 2000s saying it was 1926? A good reminder to corroborate your sources when looking for dates!
    More research needed! btw, I love the way the pages look on this site. (:

  45. Cooksey-Stevens
    Looking for my great grandparents Wilford Elijah Stevens and Mary A. Cooksey (daughter of William T. Cooksey and Martha C. Gulledge). Last known residence was Carterville, Williamson, IL 1910 in U.S. Census shown as a shop owner-shoe repair. I believe they died between 1910-1920. I’d like to know when, how and where they died.

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