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Illinois and Southern Illinois General Information

IL Atlases Atlas of the State of Illinois, 1876

IL Census, Volkel, 1820 Federal Census of Illinois, Index

IL Census, Gill, Index to the 1830 Federal Census

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IL Churches Southern Baptist Convention, 1919

IL Churches, Hastings, We Were There, Oral Hist. of IL Baptists 1907-76

IL Coal Mining Directory of Coal Mines in Illinois

IL Coal Mining Old King Coal Festival, 1986, West Frankfort, IL

IL Coal Mining, Dodrill, 20,000 Coal Company Stores

IL Coal Mining, Grisham, Southern Illinois Coal Mining

IL Coal Mining, Hawse, Tell Me a Story, Memories of Life in Coal Fields

IL Coal Mining, Horrell, Southern Illinois Coal, a Portfolio

IL History, Allen, It Happened in Southern Illinois

IL History, Allen, Legends & Lore of Southern Illinois

IL History, Alvord, The Illinois Country, 1673-1818

IL History, Alvord, Kaskaskia Records, 1778-1790

IL History, Bain, War in Illinois

IL History, Boewe, Prairie Albion…Settlement in Pioneer Illinois

IL History, Bogart, The Industrial State, 1870-1893

IL History, Bogart, The Modern Commonwealth, 1893-1918

IL History, Drury, Old Illinois Houses

IL History, Greene, Governors’ Letters–Books 1818-1834

IL History, Hasse, Southern Illinois

IL History, Horrell Land Between the Rivers, Southern IL Country

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IL History, Howlett, Keepers of the Seal (IL Sec. of State)

IL History, Jones, Sketches

IL History, Mather, The Making of Illinois

IL History, Morrison, Illinois “Prairie State”

IL History, Nat. Park Ser., Trail of Tears (Cherokee Removal Route 1838-39)

IL History, Neely, Tales & Songs of Southern Illinois

IL History, Pease, The Story of Illinois

IL History, Reynolds, The Pioneer History of Illinois

IL History, Russell, Southern IL Albumn, Farm…Photographs, 1936-43

IL History, Smith, A History of Southern Illinois, 3 vols. (1912)

IL History, Smith, Old Forts of Southern Illinois

IL History, Sneed, Ghost Towns of Southern Illinois

IL History, Sparks, Lincoln Douglas Debates of 1858

IL History, Waller, Waller’s History of Illinois

IL History, Walton John Francis Snyder: Selected Writings

IL Ornithology, Ridgway, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Birds of IL (1895)

IL Reference, Adams, Illinois Place Names

IL Reference, Bateman, Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois

IL Reference, Clayton, Illinois Fact Book & Historical Almanac 1673-1968

IL Reference Directory of Illinois Museums (1996)

IL Reference Handy Book for Genealogists (1991 ed.)

IL Reference Newspapers in the Illinois State Historical Library

Illinois Counties

Clay County Illinois

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Clay History History of Clay County, Illinois Vol. 1

Franklin County Illinois

Franklin Cemeteries Frankfort Township Cemetery Book Vol. 1

Franklin Cemeteries, Dorris, Cemetery Inscriptions of Denning Township

Franklin Cemeteries, Dorris, Hammonds Cemetery

Franklin Cemeteries, Tyner, Gone But Not Forgotten, Boner Cemeteries

Franklin Census 1820 Franklin County, Illinois Census

Franklin Census, Dorris, 1830 Census Franklin County, Illinois

Franklin Census Tracing of Surnames in the 1840 Census

Franklin Census, Summers, 1880 Census Franklin County, Illinois

Franklin Churches Daily-Throgmorton Debate at Ewing , August 1912

Franklin Churches, Walker, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Records 1829-65

Franklin Clubs, Trobaugh, All They Had Was a Song, Egyptian Choral Club

Franklin Court Records, Johnson, Administrator, Guardianship, etc. 1846-49

Franklin Deaths Summers The First 1,000 Recorded Deaths, 1877-1915

Franklin History, Aiken, Franklin County History, Centennial Edition

Franklin History, Davis, The Silkwood Inn: Illinois Landmark

Franklin History History of West Frankfort Illinois

Franklin History 8th Grade Class History of Ewing, Illinois

Franklin History, Hood, Down in Egypt Land, Looking for “Bits & Pieces”

Franklin History A Look at West Frankfort, Illinois

Franklin Land Original Entry Book, Franklin County

Franklin Marraiges, Buntin, Franklin Co. Marriage Record Index 1866-1877

Franklin Marriages, Buntin, Franklin Co. Marriage Records 1878-1893

Franklin Marriages, Rademacher, Marriage Records Franklin Co. First Book 1836-48

Franklin Military Black Hawk War: The Muster Roll of 3 Companies

Franklin Tax List 1865 Franklin Co. Illinois Tax List

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Gallatin County Illinois

Gallatin Census Index to the 1850 Census Gallatin County, Illinois

Gallatin Census, Murphy, Gallatin County, Illinois 1860 Census

Gallatin History, Bender, A Brief History of Shawneetown

Gallatin History, Graves, History of Gallatin & Hardin Counties 1876

Gallatin History, Lawler, Gallatin County: Gateway to Illinois

Gallatin History, Lawler, Ridgway, Our Town

Gallatin History, Schmook, Gallatin County, Illinois Slave Register 1815-1839

Gallatin Land, Nelson, Shawneetown (IL) Land Entry Plat Maps 1814-20

Gallatin Land, Volkel, Shawneetown Land District Records 1814-1820

Gallatin Marriages, Anderson, Gallatin County…Marriage Licenses 1813-1821

Gallatin Marriages, Head, Gallatin County, Illinois Marriages 1830-1858

Gallatin Marriages, Head, Gallatin Co. Marriages Books B, C, D 1867-1887

Gallatin Wills, Schmook, Gallatin Co., IL Wills & Estates Book A, 1849-59

Gallatin Wills, Schmook, Gallatin Co., IL Will Record I, Nov. 1814-Jan 1847

Hamilton County Illinois

Hamilton History A History of Macedonia, Illinois

Hardin County Illinois

Hardin History History of Hardin County, Illinois

Jackson County Illinois

Jackson Atlases, DeVoe, Index of Land Owners, 1907 Plat Book

Jackson Atlases, DeVoe, Index of Landowners in 1907 Plat Book

Jackson Cemeteries Cemeteries of Jackson County 9 vols.

1- Makanda Township

2- Carbondale Township

2 Supp.- Carbondale Township

3- Desoto and Elk Townships

4- Murphysboro City

5- Murphysboro Township

6- Pomona Township

7- Vergennes Township

8- Grand Tower Township

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Jackson Cemeteries North County Line Cemetery

Jackson Census, Wright, Jackson County Residents in 1850.

Jackson Census, Gildehaus, Index to 1870 Census Jackson County

Jackson Deaths, Brieschke, Index to Obituaries in So. IL Herald 1893-1922

Jackson Deaths, Moorehouse, Death Records Carbondale, IL 1877-1952

Jackson Deaths, Davis, Index to Moorehouse’s Death Records 1877-1952

Jackson Deaths, Gildehaus, Index to Death Records 1844-1906 Jackson Co.

Jackson Directory Farm Families of Jackson & Williamson Counties

Jackson Directory Prairie Farmer’s Dir. of Farmers & Breeders 1920

Jackson History 1878 History & 1907 Atlas of Jackson County, IL

Jackson History, Fishback, History of Murphysboro, Ilinois 1843-1982

Jackson History History of Jackson County, Illinois IL

Jackson History, Husband, Old Brownsville Days

Jackson History, Jones, Murphysboro, IL 150 Years, Pictorial, 1843-1993

Jackson History, Wright, History of Early Carbondale, IL 1852-1905

Jackson Marriages, Ellis, Marriages Recorded 1843-1858 Jackson Co., IL

Jackson Marriages, Ellis, Marriages Recorded 1857-1866 Jackson Co., IL

Jackson Marriages, Ellis, Marriages Recorded 1866-1870 Jackson Co., IL

Jackson Marriages, Ellis, Marriages Recorded 1870-1875 Jackson Co., IL

Jackson Naturalization, Moorehouse, 523 Extractions from Naturalization Records

Jackson Schools, Eaton, Origin & Growth of Schools in Jackson Co., IL

Jackson Schools The Obelisk SIU Yearbook,’16,’21,26,’28-29,’34-35

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Johnson County Illinois

Johnson Cemeteries, Corley, Forgotten Cemeteries of Johnson County, Illinois

Johnson Cemeteries, Davis, Index to Parker’s History (Cemeteries) Johnson Co.

Johnson Cemeteries, SandS, Cemeteries of Burnside Township, Johnson Co.

Johnson Cemeteries, SandS, Cemeteries Tunnel Hill Township, Johnson Co.

Johnson Census, Sistler, Johnson County, Illinois 1870 Census

Johnson History, Bucciferro, Parker’s History of Johnson County, Illinois

Johnson History Portrait & Biographical Record of Johnson Co. etc

Johnson Marriages, Bellany, Johnson County, Illinois Marriages 1834-1857

Johnson Marriages, Foss, Johnson County, Illinois Marriages 1834-1877

Johnson Marriages, Lee, Johnson County, Illinois Marriages 1878-1885

Macoupin County Illinois

Macoupin Land, Bradley, Macoupin Co., IL Original Purchases of Land

Masac County Illinois

Massac History, May, History of Massac County

Massac History, May, Massac Pilgrimage

Monroe County Illinois

Monroe Census Monroe Co. 1860 Census Arranged by Surname

Monroe Census Monroe Co. 1860 Census Arranged by Household

Pope County Illinois

Pope Court Record, Bear, Justice Docket, Pope Co., 1886-1920

Pope Court Record, Bear, Justice of the Peace Records, Eddyville, 1904-1924

Pope Land Pope County Illinois Deed Book 1811-1850

Pope Marriages Marriage Records of Pope County, IL 1826-1845

Pulaski County Illinois

Pulaski Businesses, Bird, Day Book of George P.Bird, 1904-1907.

Pulaski History, Kullen, Phase 1 Archaeological Survey of the Delta Lands

Randolph County Illinois

Randolph Churches History 1st United Presbyterian Church, Sparta, IL

Randolph Newspapers, Bleem, I Saw It In…The Evansville Enterprise

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Saline County Illinois

Saline Biography, Black, Saline County Cousins

Saline Births, Murphy, Harrisburg, Saline Co., IL Births, 1869-1915

Saline Cemeteries, Murphy, Cemeteries Saline Co., IL 8 vol.

Saline Cemeteries, Pait, Dorrisville Cem. 1876-1979, Poor Farm 1849-1896

Saline Census 1850 Federal Census Saline County, Illinois

Saline Census, Kennedy, 1910 U.S. Census Brushy Twp. Saline Co., IL

Saline Census, Murphy, Saline Co. 1855 Illinois State Census

Saline Census, Murphy, Saline Co., IL 1860 Eighth United States Census

Saline Census, Moore, 1870 Federal Census Saline County, Illinois

Saline Census, Murphy, Saline Co., IL 1880 Tenth United States Census

Saline Census, Murphy, 1900 United States Census Brushy Twp. Saline, Co

Saline Census, Mathis, 1920 Federal Census Saline County, Illinois, 3 vol.

Saline Court Record, Brimm, Early Saline Co. Administrative Record Books B-F

Saline Court Record, Schmook, Early Saline County Court Orders, 1847-1855

Saline Deaths Gibbons Funeral Home , Harrisburg, 1929- 1952

Saline Deaths, Moore, Funeral Records Gaskins Funeral Home, Saline Co.

Saline Deaths, Moore, Harrisburg Funeral Home Records, 1907-1965

Saline Deaths, Moore, Union Cooperative Funeral Home Saline County

Saline Deaths, Murphy, Death Records Saline Co, Bks A & 2, 1877-1915

Saline Deaths, Murphy, Deaths Saline County, Vol. 2

Saline Deaths, Schmook, Obituaries The Daily Register Harrisburg, 1917

Saline Deaths, Schmook, Obituaries The Daily Register Harrisburg 1918

Saline Deaths, Schmook, Obituaries Harrisburg Newspapers 1862-1916

Saline Deaths, Schmook, Obits. Saline Co. Republican 11/15/06 – 12/25/13

Saline Deaths, Kennedy, Turner Funeral Home, Harrisburg, 1936-1966

Saline Directories Prairie Farmer’s Dir. Saline & Gallatin Cos. 1920

Saline Directories, Williford, Harrisburg City Directory 1898

Saline History, Dodd, Kobweb Korners

Saline History History of Carrier Mills

Saline History, Small, Mean Old Jail

Saline Marriages, Moore, Saline Co., IL Marriages 1847-1880

Saline Marriages, Murphy, Marriage Register Bk. B, Saline Co. 1898-1908

Saline Marriages, Murphy, Marriage Record Books, Saline County, Illinois

Saline Marriages, Murphy, Saline Co. IL Marriages Book A-1, 1878-1898

Saline Periodicals The Shawnee (Miscellaneous issues)

Saline Probate Saline Co., IL Probate Records, v. 1 ( Boxes 1-16)

Saline Probate, Brimm, Early Saline Co., Probate Journals B & C 1850-68

Saline Schools, Keystone Yearbooks, 1939, 1950

Saline Telephone Harrisburg, IL Telephone Book, July 1976.

St Clair County Illinois

St. Clair History History of St. Clair County, Illinois

Tazewell County Illinois

Tazewell Atlases Combined 1910 & 1929 Atlases, Tazewell Co., IL

Tazewell Atlases, Wall, plat map of Tazewell Co, IL 1864

Tazewell Cemeteries Tazewell Co., IL Cemeteries, 8 vols.

Tazewell Census Tazewell Co., Il 1860 Census & Index, 2 vols.

Tazewell Directories Prairie Farmer’s Directory of farmers, etc. 1917

Tazewell Marriages, Perkins, Tazewell Co., IL Marriage Index, 5v. 1827-1887

Tazewell Naturalization, Dagit, Tazewell Co. IL Naturalization 1819-1909 v.1,A-L

Tazewell Periodicals Tazewell Genealogical & Hist. Monthly,Vol -XX

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Union County Illinois

Union Cemeteries, Dexter, Union County, Ilinois Cemeteries vol. 1

Union Churches, Parks, Foot-Prints of the Presbyterians, 1866-1966

Union Civil War, Earle, Flag on the Hilltop

Union Court Records, GSSI, Union Co. IL Genealogical Information Vol. 1

Union Divorces, Dexter, Union County, Illinois Divorces, 1818-1880

Union Guardianship, Dexter, Union Co., IL Guardianship Records 1818-1918

Union History History of Cobden

Union History, Perrin, History of Alexander, Union & Pulaski Counties,IL

Union Marriages, Dexter, Union Co., IL Marriage Records 1818-1868

Union Marriages, Ellis, Marriages 1818-1828, Union County, Illinois

Wayne County Illinois

Wayne Newspapers, Bland, Wayne Co., IL Newspaper Gleanings 1876-1879

White County Illinois

White History, Oliver, Norris City & Indian Creek Twp. Norris City, IL

White History, Wallace, Historic Morrison Mill, Burnt Prairie,1818-1969

White Marriages, Davis, White County, Illinois Marriages 1816-1865

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Williamson County Illinois

Williamson Atlases Standard Atlas of Williamson Co., 1908

Williamson Atlases Plat Book Williamson County, Illinois, 1940

Williamson Atlases Atlas & Plat Book Williamson County, IL 1975

Williamson Atlases Land Atlas & Plat Book Williamson Co, IL 1988

Williamson Atlases, Parks, Plat Maps 1920′s of Williamson County

Williamson Atlases Williamson County, Illinois 911 Road Atlas, 1998

Williamson Births, Boyd, Some Selected Williamson Co. Birth Record Index

Williamson Cemeteries Cemeteries Williamson County, Illinois 2 vols.

Williamson Cemeteries, Grisham, Davis Prairie Cemetery

Williamson Cemeteries, Grisham, Register of Interment Permits, Jan.1902-May 1903

Williamson Cemeteries, Hatfield, Hurricane Cemetery, Williamson County, Illinois

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Williamson Cemeteries, Lind, The Barham Connection, Barham Cemetery

Williamson Cemeteries, Lind, Gone to be an Angel, Cana & Union Grove Cem.

Williamson Cemeteries, Lind, Off the Beaten Path, Some Williamson Co. Cem.

Williamson Cemeteries, Lind, Those Left Behind, Cem. in Crab Orchard Refuge

Williamson Cemeteries, Lind, Williamson County, Illinois Cemeteries, 5 vols.

Williamson Cemeteries, Loveless, The Journal of Tony Loveless, 1936-1937

Willaimson Cemeteries, McClellan, No. 8 Cemetery, Williamson County, Illinois

Williamson Cemeteries, Murphy Shiloh & Davis Prairie Cemeteries, Williamson Co.

Williamson Cemeteries, Murphy, Cemeteries Williamson County, Illinois vol. 2

Williamson Cemeteries, Murphy, Cemeteries Saline & Williamson Counties, vol. 1

Williamson Cemeteries, Parks, Cemetery Records Williamson County, Illinois

Williamson Cemeteries, Roberts, The Legend of the Soldier Buried With His Horse

Williamson Cemeteries The Saga of Southern Illinois, Winter 1986

Williamson Cemeteries Soldiers Buried in Williamson County, IL Cem.

Williamson Cemeteries Williamson Co. Cem. Arranged by Twp.With Maps

Williamson Census, Armes, 1840 Census Williamson County, Illinois

Williamson Census, Wormer, Illinois 1840 Census Index Vol. 5

Williamson Census, Hauffe, 1850 Census Williamson County, Illinois

Williamson Census, Hatfield, 1860 Census Williamson County, Illinois

Williamson Census, Winget, 1870 Census Williamson County, Illinois

Williamson Census, Parks, 1870 Census Williamson County, Illinois

Williamson Census, Hoffard, 1880 Census Williamson County, Illinois

Williamson Census, Garr, 1900 Census Williamson County, Illinois 2 vols.

Williamson Churches Aldersgate Methodist Church, 1864-1964

Williamson Churches Book of Reports Wm’son Co. Baptist Assn. 1984

Williamson Churches Newspaper Articles and Photographs of Churches

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Williamson Churches Congregation History First Christian, Marion

Williamson Churches, Davis, Mt. Pleasant (Shed) Presbyterian Church

Williamson Churches, Dillingham, Liberty, Somers Methodist Churches

Williamson Churches First Christian Church: The Stained Glass Windows

Williamson Churches, Grisham, Mt. Zion-Davis Prairie Crab Orchard Church

Williamson Churches, Grisham, Williamson County Churches

Williamson Churches, Harrelson, Lake Creek Baptist Church Williamson County

Williamson Churches, Howard, The Blood Over Williamson

Williamson Churches Indian Camp Baptist Church, 1844-1994

Williamson Churches, Kinison, Pastor’s Life Record of J.C. Kinison

Williamson Churches Memories of Third Baptist Church, Marion, IL

Williamson Churches Mt. Pleasant (Shed) Church records, Membership…

Williamson Churches, Whitlock, Lists of Funerals, Wedding, of John L. Whitlock

Williamson Churches, Wright, History of Baptist Life in Wm’son Co. 1800-1964

Williamson Civil War Union Grove Council Minutes, 1861-1865

Williamson Deaths H.T.Cocke Furniture & Undertaking, Creal Springs

Williamson Deaths Miscellaneous Williamson Co. Death Records

Williamson Deaths Obituaries, Southern IL Newspapers (on cards)

Williamson Deaths, Burke, Riggin Funeral Home Records, Carterville, IL 3 v.

Williamson Deaths, Grisham, Hudgens Funeral Book Dec. 1931-Sept. 1938

Williamson Deaths, Volkel, 1850 Illinois Mortality Schedule Vol. 3

Williamson Deaths, Hoffard, 1870 Mortality Schedule Williamson County, IL

Williamson Deaths, Lind, 1880 Williamson Co., IL Mortality Schedule

Williamson Deaths, Murphy, Williamson Co., IL Death Records, Vol. 1

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Williamson Deeds, Moore, Wm’son Co. Deeds, Mortgages & Chattels 2 vols.

Williamson Directories Carterville & Crainville Directory 1924-1925

Williamson Directories Herrin City Directory, 1964,74,75,77,79

Williamson Directories Johnston City Directory, 1915, 23-24, 26

Williamson Directories Marion City Directory, 1923-88 (some missing)

Williamson Directories Williamson Co. Directory 1923, 1924, 1925

Williamson Directories Prairie Farmer’s Directory Wm’son Co. 1920

Williamson Directories Williamson County Farm Directory, n.d

Williamson Early Settlers Application for Membership to Pioneer Daughters

Williamson Early Settlers, Parks, Pioneers of Wm’son County & Early Land Grants

Williamson Government Reg. of Electors of #2 Dist. in 8-3 Wm’son,1934

Williamson Government Primary Poll Book Johnston City, City Hall, 1934

Williamson Government, Bowen, Municipal Code Herrin, Illinois 1955

Williamson Historic Sites Historic Site Survey Williamson County, IL 1972

Williamson History Charlie Birger

Williamson History Courthouse Dedication, Williamson Co., 1971

Williamson History Williamson Co. Souvenir, 1926

Williamson History 142nd Williamson Co. Fair, June 1998, Marion, IL

Williamson History, Angle, Bloody Williamson

Williamson History, Balou, The Herrin Massacre (Cassette Tape)

Williamson History, Brewer, Steal Easy: My Hometown…Crab Orchard, IL

Williamson History, Brown, The Herrin Hospital Diamond Jubilee (1991)

Williamson History, Erwin, History of Williamson County

Williamson History, Galligan, In Bloody Williamson

Williamson History, Grisham, Hanging Rado Millich, Arno Bratten, Glenn Young

Williamson History, Grisham, My WilliamsonC. Pioneer Kin Folks & Descendants

Williamson History, Grisham, Sheriffs of Williamson Co, IL & the Bloody Crimes.

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Williamson History, Grisham, Reflections

Williamson History, Hale, Williamson County, IL Sesquicentennial History

Williamson History, Hastings, A Nickel’s Worth of Skim Milk

Williamson History, Hastings, A Penny’s Worth of Minced Ham

Williamson History History Gallatin,Saline,Hamilton,Franklin,Wm’son

Williamson History, Howell, Down Memory Lane

Williamson History, Howell, Down Memory Lane Another Stroll

Williamson History, Hubbs, Pioneer Folks and Places

Williamson History UMWA The Other Side of Herrin

Williamson History, Kern, Bark of the Automatics, S. Glenn Young

Williamson History Labor Day Celebration, Johnston City, IL 1914

Williamson History List of Farms Condemned for Crab Orchard Lake

Williamson History, MacFarlane, The Magic City of Egypt (Johnston City)

Williamson History Williamson Co., the “Heart of Egypt”

Williamson History Old Wm’son Co. Jail, Museum,Old Courthouse,etc

Wiliamson History, Parker, The Herrin Massacre

Williamson History, Pruett, Life & Exploits of S. Glenn Young

Williamson History Reflections of Our Memories of Crab Orchard

Williamson History, Richey, Nickname & Other Things…Pittsburg, Illinois

Willaimson History, Roberts, Glimpses of the Past in Johnston City 1894-1945

Williamson History Glenn S. Young, Shelton Gang & Herrin Massacre

Williamson History, Scoby, The Story of Carterville, 1871-1971

Williamson History Souvenir Program, Wm’son Co. Centennial,1939

Williamson History Tornado: The Marion Story Told in Pictures

Williamson History, Wagner, Cultural Resources at Heron Flats Site, Wm’son Co

Williamson History, Wagner, Cultural Resources at Heron Flats: Appendix

Williamson History, Wilcox, 1905 Historical Souvenir of Williamson Co., IL

Williamson History Williamson County Fair & Homecoming, 1956

Williamson History Williamson County Illinois History Notebook

Williamson History Wonderful Williamson 150 Years of Progress

Williamson Land ,Murphy, Original Land Grants, 1824-1870

Williamson Marriages, Hoffard, Marriages in Williamson County, v. 1 1839-1865

Williamson Marriages, Hoffard, Marriages in Williamson County, v. 2 1866-1877

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Williamson Marriages, Hoffard, Marriages in Williamson County, v. 3 1878-1888

Williamson Marriages, Litvan, Early Settlers who lived in Wilson & Smith Co.,TN

Williamson Marriages Copies of Some Original Marriage Licenses

Williamson Marriages Marriage Records Wm’son, Pope & Johnson Cos.

Williamson Military, Grisham, Military Scrapbook

Williamson Military, Trovillion, Williamson County in the World War, 1917-1918

Williamson Military, Tyner, The Slighted: Index to Trovillion’s WWI

Williamson Naturalization, Burke, Naturalization Petitions & Records Wm’son Co, 4v

Williamson Newspapers, Butler, Glances at Life, Collection of Butler’s Columns

Williamson Newspapers, Garr, Hatch,Match,& Dispatch, Johnston City Progress

Williamson Newspapers, Lind, Events in Egypt, News. Excerpts, 1856-1887 3 v.

Williamson Newspapers, Lightfoot, 1939 Relief & CCC Newspaper Clippings

Williamson Newspapers, Grisham, Violet Grisham’s Newspaper Articles 1980-1994

Williamson Reference Sources on Williamson Co. Hist., 150 yrs. 1839-89

Williamson Schools ,Black, School Record .. Crab Orchard, 1863-1923

Williamson Schools, Booth, Wm’son Co. Schools…Personal & Professional…

Williamson Schools Carterville Schools Scrapbook

Williamson Schools Creal Springs School Scrapbook

Williamson Schools Daily Register, White Oak School, 1928-1934

Williamson Schools, Grisham, An Apple for the Teacher, Treas. Book, 1873-1914

Williamson Schools IL Scool Register Dist. 4, 1879-1880

Williamson Schools IL School Record 1863 Odumburg Dist. 1

Williamson Schools, Murphy, Dallasania, Neal & Other Nearby Country Schools

Williamson Schools School Record Dist #55, Wm’son Co. 1946-1951

Williamson Schools Township Treas. book, Twp 10-1, 1872-1918

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Williamson Schools, Travelstead, Crossroads School, 1862-1952

Williamson Schools, Turner, Half a Century in the Schoolroom

Williamson Schools Williamson Co. School Directory 1974-75

Williamson Schools Williamson Co. School Dist. 4, Twp 8-3,1880-87

Williamson Schools Williamson Co. Schools, Pictures & News Articles

Williamson Schools The Black Diamond, Carterville Yearbook, 1928

Williamson Schools Buckhorn Tattler, Herrin Yearbook, 1928

Williamson Schools The Cardinal, Johnston City, Yrbk. 1921-29,30,40

Williamson Schools Herrinite, Herrin Yearbook, 1953-57

Williamson Schools Memory Kit, Marion Twp. 1918-1977 (incomplete)

Williamson Schools Redskin Record Johnston City,1941-1968(incomp)

Williamson Schools The Spirit of Jr. High, Johnston City, n.d.

Williamson Schools Tiger Tattler, Herrin High, 1935

Williamson Schools Washington School Record, Johnston City-1959-60

Williamson Tax List, Davis, Williamson County, Illinois 1868 Taxes

Williamson Tax List, Draves, Williamson County Taxes 1891, Twp 10-1

Williamson Tax List, Burke, 1894 Wm’son Co. Tax List Blairsville Twp 8-1

Williamson Tax List, Burke, 1894 Wm’son Co. Tax List Herrin Twp. 8-2

Williamson Tax List, Burke, 1894 Wm’son Co. Tax List Southern Twp 10-2

Williamson Wills, Grisham, Williamson County, Illinois Wills Book A

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Military Civil War Notebook

Military Pension List of 1818

Military Soldiers Buried in Williamson Co., IL (all wars)

Military Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in IL

Military, Atwater, Prisoners Who Died at Andersonville Prison

Military, Grisham, Military Scrapbook

Military, IL State, Remebering Illinois Veterans 1992

Military, Loveless, The Journal of Tony Loveless, 1936-37

Military, Morris, History, 31st Regiment Illinois Volunteers

Military, Newsome, Experience in the War of the Great Rebellion

Military, Trovillion, Williamson Co., IL in the World War, 1917-18

Military, Tyner, The Slighted: Index to Trovillions’s World War I

Military, Walker, Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois

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Other States


IN SAR Year Book Indiana Society of the SAR, 1897


KY Atlases, Rone, An Historical Atlas of Kentucky & Her Counties

KY Census, Heinemann, First census of Kentucky, 1790

KY Census, Volkel, An Index to the 1810 Census, KY Vol. 2

KY Churches, Spalding, Sketches, Early Catholic Missions, KY 1787-1827

KY County Records Kentucky County Records on Microfilm

KY Court Records, Ardery, KY Records, Early Wills, Marriages, Bible Records

KY Deeds, Jillson, Old Kentucky Entries & Deeds

KY History Green Green River Country: Bowling Green to Evansville

KY History, McGhee, Historical Records of Harrodsburg, Lincoln Co. etc

KY Marriages Kentucky Marriages, 1792-1812

KY Periodicals Kentucky Pioneer Genealogy & Records V. 1,2,3

KY Periodicals Bluegrass Roots (Miscellaneous Issues)

KY Periodicals Kentucky Family Records, Vols. 1-6

KY Allen Marriages Allen Co. Kentucky Marriages, 1815-1850

KY Christian Periodicals Tree Builders, Quar. Christian Co., KY Gen. v. 19

KY Gallatin Deeds, Merrifield, Gallatin Co., KY Abstracts of Deeds, 1797-1808

KY Gallatin Marriages, Merrifield ,Gallatin Co. KY Marriages, 1799-1820

KY Henderson History, Dannheiser, History of Henderson Co., KY & Family Histories

KY Jackson Pur.Census ,Simmons, The Jackson Purchase (of KY) Census of 1830

KY Jackson Pur. Periodicals ,Simmons, Jackson Purchase Journal (Miscellaneous Issues)

KY Jackson Pur., Simmons, Jackson Purchase Tax Lists 1822-1824

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MA Emigrants, Banks, Topographical Dictionary 2885 English Emigrants


MD Census First Census of the U.S., 1790-Maryland

MD History ,Andrews, History of Maryland, Province & State

MD History ,Parran, Evolution of Patriotic Ancestry Series II

MD History ,Parran ,Register of Maryland’s Heraldic Families, Vol. 1

North Carolina

NC Census First census of the U.S.- North Carolina

NC Genealogy ,Schweitzer, North Carolina Genealogical Research

NC Marriages ,Clemens, North & South Carolina Marriage Records

NC Wills ,Olds, Abstract of North Carolina Wills, 1760-1800

New Jersey

NJ History ,Sharp, Colonial History of New Jersey

New York

NY History, Fiori, A History of the Town of Union


OH Periodicals Journal of Genealogy , V.3, n.6, June 1978


PA Census First Census of the U.S., 1790 – Pennsylvania

PA Quakers Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia, 1682-1750

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South Carolina

SC Census First Census of the U.S., 1790 – South Carolina


TN Cemeteries, Acklen, Tombstone Inscriptions & Historical Manuscripts

TN Census, Houston ,Tennesse Census Records, 1820

TN Genealogy, Ray ,Tennessee Cousins

TN Genealogy, Schweitzer ,Tennessee Genealogical Research

TN History, Ramsey, Annals of Tennessee to the End of the 18th Century

TN Land, Cartwright, North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee

TN Marriages, Acklen, Tennessee Bible Records & Marriage Bonds

TN Davidson Deeds Davidson Co., Tennessee Deeds- Nichols Family

TN Davidson Deeds Davidson/Robertson County, Tennessee Deeds, 2v.

TN Macon Census, Sistler ,1880 Census Macon County, Tennessee

TN Robertson Census Robertson County, Tennessee 1820 Census

TN Williamson Marriages, Bijack ,Williamson Co. TN: Marriage Records 1800-1850

TN Wilson History, Mace, Index of Names in HISTORY OF WILSON CO

TN Wilson History, Merritt, History of Wilson County Tennessee


TX History, Ray, Austin Colony Pioneers – Texas


UT Military Hance J. Conner & the Mormons, Military History, Utah

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VA Births ,Douglas, The Douglas Register Births, Marriages, Deaths

VA Census First Census of the U.S., 1790 – Virginia

VA Churches, Meade, Old Churches, Ministers & Families of Virginia

VA Genealogy, Boddie, Virginia Historical Genealogies

VA History, Bruce, History of Virginia

VA Land, Wilson, Virginia Revolutionary Land Bounty Warrants

VA Marriages, McDonald, Virginia Marriages, 1700-1850

VA Marriages ,Crozier, Early Virginia Marriages

VA Military ,Brumbaugh, Revolutionary War Records, V. I – Virginia

VA Military ,Crozier ,Virginia Colonial Militia, 1661-1776

VA Periodicals VA Magazine of History & Biography, v. 30-35

VA Wills ,Crozier, Williamsburg (VA) Wills

VA Caroline History ,Campbell, Colonial Caroline: A History of Caroline Co., VA

VA Mecklenburg Census ,Simmons, Mecklenburg Co. Virginia Census 1820

VA Mecklenburg Tax List ,Simmons, Mecklenburg Co. Virginia Tax Lists, 1782 & 1784

VA Montgomery Tax Lists ,Schreiner,- List of Taxable Property in Dist. John Robinson…

VA Orange History, Scott, History of Orange Co., VA, 1734-1870

VA Powhatan Tax List Simmons Powhatan Co., Virginia Tax Lists 1787-1789

VA Spotsylvania County Records Crozier Spotsylvania Co. Virginia Records, 1721-1800

VA Wythe Tax Lists, Schreiner,- Tax Lists & Abstracts of Deeds …. 1796-1800

West Virginia

WV History West Virginia Highway Markers, Historic, etc

WV History, Myers, Myer’s History of West Virginia 2 vols.

WV History ,Callahan, Semi-Centennial History of West Virginia

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Family History & Genealogy

ABSHER, Grisham, Lawrence Absher, A Tribute To His Life

ALLEN, Allen, Sugs and I, From Steal Easy

ALLEN, Paul, Backyard Archaelogy, The Willis Allen House, 1854-1994

ASHBY Ashby/Davis Families

ASHBY Ashby Family Records, Kentucky, Ashby/Davis

ASHBY Ashby Family Records of Virginia

ATWOOD, Troutman, Atwood Family History

BARHAM, Barham, The Barham Report

BARNWELL, Barnwell, A Family Record of William Barnwell, 1800-1866

BARTON, Barton, As The Tree Grows

BICKERS, Garr, The Descendants of Robert Bickers, 1709-1808

BLACKMAN, Blackman, The Boy of Battle Ford

BRADLEY, Bradley, Bradley Documents, 1819-1857

BRUSH, Brush, Growing Up With Southern IL, Memoirs Daniel H. Brush

CAPLINGER, Moore, Memoirs of William Joseph Caplinger

CAPLINGER, Troutman, Caplinger Family History

CARAWAY, Caraway, Foothold on a Hillside

CARTER, Grisham, Legends in the New World – The Beginnings

CARTER, Grisham, Charles T. Carter, Revolutionary Soldier ….

CARTWRIGHT, Cartwright, Autobiography of Peter Cartwright

CASH, Miller, The Family of Warren Cash and Allied Lines

CHAMNESS, Hanson, History of American Descendants of John & Ann Chamness

COX, Cox, From the Banks of the Dan: A Cox Family History

COX, McKenzie, Family History & Picture Album Oliver Cromwell Cox

CRAIN, Smith, Crain Strain: The John Crain Family

CRENSHAW, Wilkins, The Crenshaw Family

CRUSE, Dillow, The John Adam Cruse & Rosanna Cress Family

DAHMER, Doughty, Dahmer Family

DAVENPORT, AGRS, Davenport Family History

DAVENPORT, Ashby, Davenport, Barwick, Arnold, Carr, Campbell, Potter

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DAVIS, Ashby, Davis, Tanner, Davenport Families

DAVIS, Ashby, George Davis, John T. Thomas, D. Davis Families

DAVIS, Ashby, Jefferson Davis Family

DAVIS, Ashby, William T. Davis/Lucy Morgan

DAVIS, Brubaker, The David Davis Family Papers, 1816-1943.

DAVIS, Davis, Genealogical Records of Davis & Pulley Families

DAVIS, Davis, Records and Sketches of the Davis Families

DAVIS, Davis, To the Brink of Eternity and Return

DAVIS Digging for Davis (Periodical – miscellaneous issues)

DAVIS, Nash, Davis Family Data

DILLARD, Ashbaucher, Dillard History

DUNCAN, Duncan, Collection of Papers & Pension Records of the Duncan Family

DUNCAN, Roy, Descendants of William Duncan, the Elder

FERGERSON, Yates, Successful Evangelism or Life of Rev. E.A. Fergerson

FERRELL Hosea V. Ferrell Memorial by Wm’son Co. Bar Assn.

FIFE, Murphy, Descendants of John & William Fife, Scotland to Penn.

FOWLER, Fowler, Family Tree

GARRETT, Garrett, Lebanon Co. Legacy Descendents of John George Garrett

GILLESPIE, Wright, Archibald Gillespie in California

GODDARD, Goddard, Fowler, Stover, McHaney Families

GODDARD, Harms, The Goddard Book 2 vols.

GODDARD, Moore, The Goddard-Spiller-Goodall Connection

GODDARD, Skidmore, In Memoriam, Grace Goddard Bliss

GOLD, Gold, Gold Generations in England & America

GRANT, Grant, Grant-Lee Association’s 50th Year

GREEN, Greene, History of the Green Family of Wm’son & Johnson Cos., IL

GRISHAM, Grisham, Backtracking to Smith Co. TN & to Pope & Wm’son Cos., IL

GRISHAM, Grisham, My Life, Violet Lee Carter Grisham

GROVES ,Grisham, Great, Great Grandfather’s Journal…. Isaac Groves

GROVES, Grisham, Time Traveler

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HARRIS, Wheeler, Sketches From the Foothills of the Ozarks

HARTLEY, Hartley, Leslie, An Autobiography

HARTLEY, Hartley, Way Down in Egyptland

HARTWELL, Hartwell, Hartwell – Kelley

HARTWELL, Hartwell, Hartwell Family of Virginia & Williamson Co. Illinois

HILL, Roberts, The Descendents of Sterling Hill, 1771-1997

HINCHCLIFF, Hinchcliff, From Whence We Came, the Hinchcliff Family, Jackson Co.,IL

HOWERTON, Snider, Angels Working Overtime

HUDGENS, Hudgens, Genealogy of the Boone & Hudgens Families

HUMPHREYS, Humphreys, Fort – Blockhouse Letters From Descendants

HUNT, Hunt, Ancestors & Descendants of Algernon Hunt & Mahala Davis

HUNTER, Hunter, The Hunter Family of Williamson Co. & Related Families

JACKSON, Jackson, History Of Orange Jackson’s War Life….

JACKSON, Watts, Serena J. Jackson – Carter

JOHNSON, Johnson, Life & Works of F. F. Johnson, MD, Stonefort, Illinois

JONES, Jackson, Keeping Up With the Joneses…Moses Jones & Descendants

JORDAN, Resmussen, Jordan Family: VA, NC, KY, TN and IL

KAESER Kaeser Memories

KNIGHT, Dempsey, The Knight Story

KNIGHT, Knight, Pop’s Memoirs

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LAMONT, Lamont, Thomas Lamont of America

LINCOLN, Lorant, Lincoln, A Picture Story of His Life

LOGAN, Cottingham, General John A. Logan, His Life and Times

LOGAN In Memory of John Alexander Logan, A Senator From IL

LOGAN, Poore, Life & Services of James G. Blaine, p. 533

MAITLAND, Grisham, Backtracking II to Scotland — Maitland and Lauderdales

MANN James R. Mann Memorial Address, Representative From IL

McANALLY, Young, Scotland to Arkansas – The McAnally Lineage

MERLO, Bleem, Merlo-Berra: Lombards to Herrin

MORRAY, Garrett, James Bishop Morray of Southern Illinois

MOORE, Moore, Trails to Williamson Co., Moore Family History & Related …

MOORE, Seaver, Moore Family Records

MUHLENBERG, Wallace, The Muhlenbergs of Pennsylvannia

NEELY, Neely, The Diaries of George Neely.

NICHOLAS, Young, “Tied By a Thread” ; The Nicholas Connection

NORRIS, Thetford, Genealogy of Joel Norris & Lydia L. Chamness Norris

ODUM, James, Some Odum Kinfolks, Then and Now

OMOHUNDRO, Omohundro, The Omohundro Genealogical Record

OVERSTREET, Crouch, Saints and Black Sheep

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PAISLEY, O’Shea, Oldham Paisley: A Community Editor & His Newspapers

PASCHEDAG, Paschedag, The Music Came First, Memoirs of Theodore Paschedag

PEEBLES, Whitehead, Peebles Family Tree

PERRY, Searl, They Came to Williamson County, Illinois

PORTER, Potter, Family Group Sheets of the Porters, Hardestys, etc.

POTTER, Moore, The Potter Family Murders & The “Roar” of the 1920′s

POTTER, Moore, The Potter Family Tragedy

PRICE, Price, Price Family Charts With Related Lines

ROBERTS, Malone, Our Families ..Early Settlers Corinth TWP, Williamson Co., IL

ROBERTS, Malone, Thy People Shall Be My People

ROBERTSON, Seaver, Robertson Family Records

ROSE Rose Family Bulletin, Vol. XVII, June 1982

SANDERS, Kolinger, The Sanders Saga: Let Freedom Ring

SANDERS, Sanders, The Sanders Family: An American Odyssey (1981, 1988 eds.)

SAUNDERS, Saunders, The German “Old” Jacob Saunders Personal Papers

SCHERER, Scherer, Scherer a Mini-Biographical Genealogy

SCOBY, Jones, Maranda, Stories From Girlhood of Maranda Cavanas Scoby

SINKS, Sinks, Sinks, a Family History

SMITH, Wilson, The Colorful & Eventful Life of St. Clair W. Smith

SPENCER, Young, The Ancient Planter of Jamestown, William Spencer

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SPILLER, Parks, Spiller Family History

SPILLER, Spiller, Family

SPILLER, Spiller, Family

STEARNES, Stearnes, Stearnes and Allied Families Family Genealogy

STEARNES, Stearnes, Stearnes and Allied Families Family Genealogy (Appendices)

TANNER, Tanner, Some Tanners of Southern Illinois (From Muhlenberg Co. KY

TANNER, Trutter, The Governor Takes a Bride, (Cora English & John R. Tanner)

TARPLEY, Ashby, Tarpley, Spiller, Davis, Tanner Families

TAYLOR, Taylor, Taylor’s at the Devil’s Kitchen

THROGMORTON, Hodge, W.P. Throgmorton Biography

TIPPY, Parks, Williamson County Pioneer Families

TIPPY, White, Family Memories

TROUTMAN, Troutman, Troutman Family History

TURNER, Turner, Turner Families of Southern Illinois

TYLER, Field, My Grandparents

WALKER, Keyser, Illinois Pioneer Matthew Moore Walker and Descendants

WARD, Abney, The Ward Family

WOHLWEND, Neely, The Family of John J. Wohlwend and Caroline Zoller

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Other Books

Griffith, Idols of Egypt (Biographical Sketches)

Mansfield, Family History Index, a List of Less than Common Surnames…

GSSI, Ancestor Charts, V. I, Genealogy Society of Southern Illinois

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