New WCHS Brochures Printed

2014 WCHS BrochureWe have thousands of newly printed brochures ready for distribution reflecting our new hours of operation. The brochures were printed courtesy of the Williamson County Tourism Bureau and encapsulate descriptions of the museum and its exhibits.

In addition, the brochure contains information related to membership, our research library, hours of operation and the internet addresses of not only the county website but the Marion History Preservation site as well.

The brochures will be distributed to public locations so they can be accessed by those who may be unfamiliar with the historical society and the museum and library.

Motsinger School Photo Added

For those of you who may have had ancestors from southern Crab Orchard Township, a photo was just added with the class of students who were attending Motsinger School on January 16, 1893. This photo contained some Carters that were related to our own member Violet Grisham who has done a vast amount of research on the county. To see the photo look in the History Tab on the menu or Click Here. Continue reading

History Page Updated

The History Page on this site containing the early histories of all of the counties cities, ghost towns, villages, post offices and points of interest has been updated. We recently added 58 new entries and indexed the page. There are now over 100 histories listed. The last entries ranged from Hurst-Bush School to Zion Church. Continue reading

WCHS Member Benefits Added

Recent board action has enhanced the benefits of being a member of the Williamson County Historical Society. In addition to helping support the expense of operating the museum, your membership fees will now entitle you to a 10% discount on any materials that we offer for sale in our Book Store.

Additionally, we are working on giving society members access to unprecedented historical records. Continue reading