Library Resource Index

This index is a work in progress and currently contains the indexing to 33 cemetery books, the Marion city cemeteries, four local history books, eight newspaper extract books and one tribute to county military in the index. The intent is to index information found in in the genealogy library of the museum like audited cemetery books, local history books, etc. so that references to places, crime, individuals, businesses, schools, organizations or city and county government can be referenced from a master index. The index is not necessarily intended to give you the information you need, but does yield data, and will indicate whether the information can be found and the source, if any.

Referenced businesses, schools, churches, crime, places, organizations and items related to city and county government can be found using the those words in the last name column. (i.e. search for Business in the last name column.)

Since this index was done in Excel spreadsheet and will change reasonably often, I am leaving it in spreadsheet form. Clicking the link will take you to Microsoft’s Excel online spreadsheet reader. There are scroll bars to help you navigate the lengthy spreadsheet and you will find a “FIND” function when you click the three horizontal dots in the upper right header. You can also download it and run it under Excel on your own computer. References to the Marion City Cemetery will link you to the Marion City Cemetery search page.

Library Resource Index, Click Here

Updated 5/27/2017