Common Law Records Index

Common Law Record Index, Williamson County, 1840-1930, 9,807 files

In case law (or common law), it is important to know something about the significance of established precedents or the doctrine of stare decisis, which refers to “adhering to or abiding by” previously settled decisions. Simply put, lower courts are bound to follow decisions of higher courts or established precedents. Typical cases found will be trespassing, breach of promise, debts, dissolution of partnerships, scire facias writs, slander, attachments (lawful seizure of property or the binding of a debt) and ejectments (the recovery of property).

These records took countless hours to index from old documents and provide an invaluable resource for genealogists and historians that would normally never be made available it they hadn’t been preserved. The WCHS is in possession of each of the listed case files and can be copied on request for a fee of $10 plus .50 for each page scan. If a search of the indexes locates a person of interest, a request for copies of the files in paper or digital format can then be made for a fee. Please, notate the corresponding file number, i.e. 1902-CR-012. Contact Us

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