Nixville History

Squire William Nix, a Union soldier in the Civil War, who served in Company K, 4th Indiana Calvary, settled in Corinth after the close of the war. He and his wife, Martha Louise Spinning Nix moved from Corinth to a crossroad in the center of section 12 of Crab Orchard Township. Here Mr. Nix built a house and store building. Soon there was added a barbershop, a sweet potato storage house and a church. The hamlet was called Nixville. It soon became a thriving trade center and its prosperity was still high in 1908 when it was listed in the Atlas of Williamson County.

The store closed in 1910. With the chief support for trade gone the barbershop was closed also. The sweet potato storage house was supplemented by a more accessible one. The church closed for lack of enough members to support it. Mr. Nix died in 1919 and was buried in Corinth churchyard. Nothing remains of the hamlet. The spot where it stood is now cultivated farmland.

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(Ghost Towns of Southern Illinois, by Glenn J. Sneed, published 1977)