Moeller Crossroads History

Moeller Crossroads is four miles east of Marion on Route 13. The homestead of William Moeller was the northwest corner of section 23, and the old house he bought with the place was the voting house for the community for many years. The handmade furniture, such as a cord bed and a spinning wheel, brought from Germany by the first Moeller three generations ago fitted well into the double log house built of white oak logs.

George Zachariah was the first owner of the land and he may have built a part of the house between his coming in 1833 and his death in 1854. Richard H. Groves owned the place four years ago (1935), then sold.

Richard T. McHaney bought the farm in 1858, the year he became sheriff. Mrs. McHaney was born Leanna Spiller, daughter of one of the four brothers whose coming to the county gave us Spillertown. Mr. McHaney was an attorney, and advertised in the Shawneetown papers of 1852 that he would attend to the collection of debts in the southern part of the state. In the spring of 1861, an Irishman, a stranger to the county, stopped at the lonely farm and spoke insultingly to Mrs. McHaney. Her husband came to the house a few minutes later, hear her story, got his gun and shot the stranger. At the trial, Mr. McHaney was acquitted on the plea that he was defending his family. That summer a greater defense of home and country called Richard McHaney with the other loyal men of the county. He enlisted in the federal armies, but died in 1863 before he saw the conclusion of the war.

Mrs. McHaney became the wife of Francis Marion Norman, who bought the land at a sale to settle the McHaney estate. Then the place passed into the hands of Andrew Jackson Beaton and Amzi White, both dealers in farms. The Moeller family came from Nashville in 1895 to make their home, and ownership has passed from father to son, John Moeller. Now the old house has given way to a new dwelling.

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(Extracted from Pioneer Folks and Places, Barbara Barr Hubbs, 1939 which is on sale at the Williamson County Museum)