Fowler School History

Fowler School, district 18, was formed in the midst of the Fowler settlement in section 33, Lake Creek Township. James M. Fowler (1811-1874) was both doctor and preacher, and managed the family farm. He made his home in the township in 1838 and preached at Squat Church, even as far away as Zion Church in Corinth. His namesake son was coroner, county superintendent of schools, and state representative. The medical tradition established in 1838 is still carried on by the Fowler family.

The sons of James A. Felts, county clerk from 1894 to 1902, attended Fowler school. David V. Felts recalls a unique spelling match that exercised the pupils’ and the teacher’s fullest command of English during his days as pupil there. The class was divided, as for an ordinary spelling match. The first member of one team spelled a word, any word of his choice. The first member of the opposing team had to respond with, and spell correctly, a word that began with the final letter of the first word spelled. Thus it went, back and forth, until vocabulary failed. Words ending in x were favorites in this “catch-word” spelling contest.

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(Extracted from Pioneer Folks and Places, Barbara Barr Hubbs, 1939, on sale at the Williamson County Museum)