Cowthon History

Vincent B. Cowthon secured a considerable amount of land in the eastern part of Crab Orchard Township. He sold part of section 24 to Marion C. Cowthon in 1873. It is thought that Marion Cowthon was the postmaster of Cowthon Post Office. It was established September 10, 1884 and was closed September 17, 1887. It was re-opened May 24, 1888 only to be closed again June 23, 1896. It was reopened for the third time January 19, 1899 and was finally closed March 3, 1902.

Delta Mine bought the land in the late 1960’s and stripped the entire section. Today nothing remains of Cowthon.

(Ghost Towns of Southern Illinois, by Glenn J. Sneed, first published 1977)