Brushy Creek History

Brushy Creek rises near Shiloh Church in section 28 of Corinth Township and flows east and south to join the Saline and the Ohio. Though it was not named on the original survey, Brushy prairie was a recognized area one hundred years ago, and the Franklin county commissioners’ court defined it as a road district June 8, 1839:

“Ordered by the court that D. Odom be and is hearby appointed Supervisor in the Room of Jacob Welty on all the roads in the Brushy prairie road district, Bounded as follows (towit), Begining at the county Line near John Murphy’s, Thence West to Daniel Mosley’s, thence west to the cross Roads in Davises prairie Leaving John Eaton’s in the Saline Road district, thence to the pond Slough Leaving James Moore in Harrisons Mill road district, Thence down the Crab Orchard to Range Line between 2 & 3, Thence North so as to include Washington Beasley’s and Jesse Shadowen …. thence East to the Nine Mile, Then on the Frankfort and Golconda road, Thence East to Shadowen’s old place Leaving (it) in Roberts prairie Road district, Thence East to the County line, Thence South to the beginning.”

Dempsey Odum was filling in his time between elections to the legislature as road supervisor. Jacob Welty moved south and operated a mill on Sugar Creek.

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(Extracted from Pioneer Folks and Places, Barbara Barr Hubbs, 1939, on sale at the Williamson County Museum)