Absher History

Absher, an unincorporated village in Crab Orchard Township, section 35, was the work and name-sake of William A. Absher, dealer in farms in that part of the county. The Absher family are old residents, though not among the first pioneers, of Crab Orchard. Land entries were made in 1851,

Absher Google View

Absher Google View

1853, and 1854 by Harlin Absher, and since that time the Abshers have flourished along the banks of Rock creek. James H. Absher, a veteran of Company E, 60th Illinois infantry and the Civil war, lies buried in Coal Bank, churchyard.

Absher became a post office July 27, 1892 with William A. Absher the first postmaster. He had the office at the crossroads where he also dealt in real estate.

M. R. Jones, the general storekeeper, was postmaster when mail service was discontinued April 15, 1908.

The Shawnee Indians had a camp near Absher at a spring. They came there regularly until 1817. Indian Camp church supplanted the Shawnees at this camping site.

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(Extracted from Pioneer Folks and Places, Barbara Barr Hubbs, 1939)