History Page Additions

Numerous additions to the History Page have been recently added:

  • Histories of communities: Alleghany, Big Muddy (a.k.a. White Row), Burns Settlement, Carterville District Mine, Cedar Grove, Cowthon, Downey, Droit City, Grays, Halfway II, Jeffrey Mine, Malcomville, Moake Crossing, Nixville, Number Seven Row, Paineville, Pinch Off, Prosperity, Rogerville, Vicksburg, and Other Communities.
  • Plat Maps (1908) added to histories: Alleghany, Blairsville, Canaville, Corinth PO, Crab Orchard, Fordville, Hudgens, Malcomville, New Denison, New Virginia, Jeffersonville, Pittsburg, Pope’s Highland, Reeves, Spillertown, Stonefort and Whiteash. Oraville and Stern’s Outlots were added to Other Communities.
  • Railroad Maps: Maps from 1876 and 1908 covering the state and Southern Illinois.
  • 1822 Illinois State Map
  • 1876 Williamson County Map showing the names of all the old precincts 

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1908 County and Township Map Set Added

A new page had been added to the History Page on this site that includes a 1908 Williamson County map and maps of each of the twelve county townships. These maps can be invaluable when trying to determine the location of old lost sites or property ownership locations.

The page can be found under Williamson County on the History Page or you can jump straight to the link by clicking here.

New WCHS Brochures Printed

2014 WCHS BrochureWe have thousands of newly printed brochures ready for distribution reflecting our new hours of operation. The brochures were printed courtesy of the Williamson County Tourism Bureau and encapsulate descriptions of the museum and its exhibits.

In addition, the brochure contains information related to membership, our research library, hours of operation and the internet addresses of not only the county website but the Marion History Preservation site as well.

The brochures will be distributed to public locations so they can be accessed by those who may be unfamiliar with the historical society and the museum and library.