Washington School Students Tour the Museum all Week

Monday through Thursday, fifth grade students from the Washington School toured the county museum becoming aware of the ways of early pioneers and county citizens. On Friday a class of third graders from Dawn Jackson’s Washington School class visited.

Society Held Membership Meeting on May 7th, 2017

Speaking at membership meeting about Lewis and Clark

The Williamson County Historical Society held its spring membership meeting on May 7th at the museum. Society projects both current and future were discussed. A show and tell was held during the meeting to allow members to talk about artifacts or items of historical relevance that they own and are knowledgeable of.

The guest speaker was Robert Swenson, a heritage preservation consultant and associate professor emeritus of SIU. Swenson gave an engaging program on Lewis and Clark in southernmost Illinois that was well received by the membership.

SIAM Meeting Held at WCHS Museum

A meeting of the Southern Illinois Association of Museums was held on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 at the WCHS museum in Marion. SIAM board members first held a board meeting and then a membership meeting. The program consisted of a presentation of museum preservation techniques by Susannah Munson, Curator of Anthropology at SIU Museum followed by a program by WCHS President Sam Lattuca who explained the evolution of the Public Land Survey System and how to read property descriptions. Eighteen members were in attendance.


New Resource added to Library Index

The index for the book Events in Egypt 1914 has been added to the Library Resource Index. The Events in Egypt book are newspaper extracts from Marion, Herrin & Carterville for the year 1914 and add over 4,000 entries to the Library Resource Index bringing its listings to 104,615 entries. Helen Lind of our society spent hundreds of hours accumulating this information and should be commended for her hard work and determination.