Three New Volume Indexes added to Library Resource Index

Three new volumes have been indexed and added to the master library resource index located from the Records tab of any page. The volumes added were the indexes to the 1915 Events in Egypt book full of newspaper extracts from Marion, Herrin & Carterville. The years 1916-1919 are currently being typed up for entry.

The other two volumes added were indexes to Oldham Paisley’s Scrapbook Vol. 1, 1A & 1B which are Marion Daily Republican newspaper coverage of the Herrin Massacre and associated riots. The Paisley Scrapbooks were type up by Rhonda Hagston which were not easy to do because of the type size and condition. Thanks to Rhonda for her volunteer work.

The new additions add 6,463 references bringing the index up to 100,630 references. When the volume gets too large it will be broken down into categories.

Library Resource Index

Boyd’s Military Tribute Series Added to Our Resource Index

The index to Harry and Dorothy Boyd’s four volume set entitled “Tribute to Williamson County Heroes” published in 2014 has been added to the Library Resource Index. The books detail the lives of over 9,000 men and women who served in the U.S. military ranging from the Revolutionary War to 2014 that are buried in the county . Obits, grave markers, and photos where available were included in the book set. A full set of the books were donated to the Williamson County Historical Society by the Boyd’s and can be researched there or the set may be purchased from the Boyd’s. This is an amazing reference set and the Boyd’s should be commended for the amount of research and legwork that went into them.

This brings the resource index to over 94,000 entries so allow time for it to load.

The index can be located under the Records Tab as Library Resource Index.