Jefferson School 5th Graders Tour Museum

Fifth Grade classes from the Jefferson School here in Marion came to tour the Williamson County Museum on Wednesday, May 24th. The teachers for the classes were Goodwin and Williams.


1913 Events in Egypt Index Added

The index to the book Events in Egypt for the year 1913 has been added to the Library Resource Index, located under the Records Tab from the Menu at the top of each page. The book contains extracts from 1913 newspapers from Marion, Herrin & Carterville and adds 3,392 entries to the master index.

WCHS President Gives Program at Library

WCHS president Sam Lattuca speaking at the library May 18, 2017

WHCS president, Sam Lattuca, gave a 1.5 hour program on the early history and formation of Williamson County and Marion Thursday evening, May 18, 2017 at the Marion Carnegie Library. Lattuca’s program covered early native American cultures, French and British occupation as well as the process that the county went through in getting formed. A few of the topics discussed were crime in Williamson County, the growth of coal mining and its role and how alcohol and the temperance movement shaped the county in its early years.

Also discussed were the types of birds and animals that used to be found here in pioneer times that we no longer see today.