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Three New Indexes Added

Three new indexes have been added to the Library Resource Index. The volumes, Events in Egypt, which contain newspaper extracts from Marion, Herrin and Carterville covering the years 1899-1900, 1905-1909 and 1917 were added to our master library index and brings the number of references to 128,256. The extract books were laboriously compiled by Helen Sutt Lind. A special thanks to Chrystal Pehm for creating the index for the 1917 book while working at home for us.

Three New Indexes Added to Library Resource Index

Three new book indexes have been added to our Library Resource Index. The linking page has also been updated to reflect a current list of all books and their authors that are in the index.

The newest editions are the 1900-04 Events in Egypt volume by Helen Sutt Lind which contains newspaper extracts from Marion, Herrin & Carterville. The second volume is the index to a more recent audit of Davis Prairie Cemetery that was completed in 2015. The final volume is a new one to the library and is the index to Frick Funeral Home records from 1931-1940. The records were transcribed by Harry and Dorothy Boyd.

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MacArthur Award Medal Donated to Museum

We received a MacArthur Award medal today that was given to people who raised their own vegetables during WWII. They were called Victory Gardens. The medal says National Victory Garden Institute on the front and the back says For Outstanding Achievement In Victory Gardening.

Its items like this that continue to enrich our history.

Midnight Paranormal Group Investigates Museum

Midnight Paranormal


The Benton paranormal group, Midnight Paranormal, made another visit to the Williamson County Historical Society Museum on Saturday evening, May 27th, 2017. Five members of the group spent the evening investigating things that go bump in the old building. With over 100 years of activity in the building, heaven only knows it has every reason to be active. The group has made regular trips to the museum in the last year.