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New Indexes Added

With the recent completion and printing of the San Carlo Cemetery book, the index attached to the book has now been added to our indexes under Cemetery Audits. We have also added the first volume of the Bits of News series that are extracts of the Marion Daily Republican. Volume 1 covers the end of 1919 and all of 1921. It was compiled by Mary Jo Moore and can be found under the Newspapers link. both new indexes can be accessed from the Library Reference Index page.

San Carlo Cemetery Audit book at the Printers

A San Carlo Cemetery audit has been compiled into a book and is in printing now. The book contains 275 pages of burials from San Carlo Cemetery at Herrin and has 66 index pages. The burials range from 1905 to the beginning of August 2017. Included are 25 burials that have no markers. In addition to the reading of the markers, obit and family information from newspapers has been added where available. The book is spiral, soft bound and has laminated covers. This project has been ongoing for years beginning with many of the readings being done by Harry and Dorothy Boyd and being completed by Helen Sutt Lind and Sandy Pinder, all of the Williamson County Historical Society.  Due to the size of the book, the price of the book will be $45 each with $6 additional if mailing is required. All proceeds will go to the historical society. Orders can be placed by stopping by the museum, calling us at 618-997-5863 during open hours or by email at wchsmail@yahoo.com.

July Membership Meeting Held at Museum

President Sam Lattuca speaking on Pioneer Ways

A membership meeting of the Williamson County Historical Society was held on July 30th, 2017 at the Williamson County Museum located at 105 S. Van Buren Street in Marion. Discussion was held on society projects both ongoing and upcoming. A program related to Williamson County in pioneer times and how pioneers performed everyday tasks was given by Sam Lattuca. Recent accessions to the museum were shown and a show and tell was held.

Eight New Indexes Added to Newspaper Index

Eight new indexes have been added to the Newspaper index link on this site. The book indexes  added were:

  • 1916 Events in Egypt, news from Marion, Herrin & Carterville
  • 1927-29 Hatch, Match & Dispatch Vol. 1, Johnston City Progress
  • 1930-32 Hatch, Match & Dispatch Vol. 2, Johnston City Progress
  • 1933-34 Hatch, Match & Dispatch Vol. 3, Johnston City Progress
  • 1935-36 Hatch, Match & Dispatch Vol. 4, Johnston City Progress
  • 1936-38 Hatch, Match & Dispatch Vol. 5, Johnston City Progress
  • 1938-39 Hatch, Match & Dispatch Vol. 6, Johnston City Progress
  • 1939-40 Hatch, Match & Dispatch Vol. 7, Johnston City Progress

Newspaper index link

Resource Index Reworked and Volumes Added

I recently went to add five more newspaper extract book indexes to the library resource file and found out that there was a 5 MB size limit to the online Excel viewer. Therefore, I have broken the index down into five categories to keep the file sizes down. Now when you visit the Library Resource Index page you will find separate categories to search under instead of one huge file.

Recent index additions were:

  • 1856-78, Events in Egypt, Helen Lind, (Marion, Herrin, Carterville news extracts)
  • 1879-81, Events in Egypt, Helen Lind, (Marion, Herrin, Carterville news extracts)
  • 1881-87, Events in Egypt, Helen Lind, (Marion, Herrin, Carterville news extracts)
  • 1888-93, Events in Egypt, Helen Lind, (Marion, Herrin, Carterville news extracts)
  • 1896-98, Events in Egypt, Helen Lind, (Marion, Herrin, Carterville news extracts)
  • Ozment Funeral Home, Vol 1, Books1-3, 1914-25
  • Ozment Funeral Home, Vol 2, Books4-7, 1925-45