Mental Health Index

Mental Health Record “A-Z” Index, 1920-1944

These records took countless hours to index from old documents and provide an invaluable resource for genealogists and historians that would normally never be made available it they hadn’t been preserved. The WCHS is in possession of each of the listed case files and can be copied on request for a fee of $10 plus .50 for each page scan. If a search of the indexes locates a person of interest, a request for copies of the files in paper or digital format can then be made for a fee. Please, notate the corresponding file number, i.e. 1910-CR-012. Contact Us

File # Name
1932-MH-016 Aaron, Louise
1925-MH-005 Abbott, Sam J.
1940-MH-050 Abbott, Wiley
1925-MH-019 Abbott, Wylie
1941-MH-065 Abney, Charles L
1939-MH-074 Abney, Hamp
1939-MH-003 Absher, Laverne
1927-MH-068 Absher, Myrtle
1927-MH-007 Absher, Verna Lee
1933-MH-007 Adams, Frank
1935-MH-057 Adams, Frank Laverne
1932-MH-033 Adams, Morris Lee
1924-MH-041 Adams, Nancy
1938-MH-063 Adams, Nellie
1935-MH-051 Adams, Paul
1929-MH-090 Adams, Sam
1935-MH-017 Adams, William
1937-MH-020 Adams, William
1932-MH-043 Adkins, Harry S.
1932-MH-023 Ahart, Gertie
1940-MH-071 Aikin, Clara ann
1940-MH-019 Albaugh, Pearl
1941-MH-090 Albright, Mary E
1941-MH-087 Alexander, Gladys
1930-MH-053 Alexander, Steve
1940-MH-059 Alexander, Steve
1937-MH-046 Alikonis, Jr, Mike
1928-MH-006 Allen, Marion
1940-MH-004 Allen, Oscar
1931-MH-002 Allen, Sam
1935-MH-052 Allen, William
1932-MH-029 Angel, W. F.
1938-MH-049 Anis, Ed
1929-MH-088 Armes, Roy
1941-MH-064 Armone, Nancy
1931-MH-010 Arnett, Lennie L
1935-MH-026 Arnette, Linnie
1933-MH-042 Arnetti, Thomas
1935-MH-062 Arnold, Charles D.
1927-MH-065 Arnold, Clyde
1926-MH-042 Arnold, Hez
1939-MH-034 Artz, Arthur
1937-MH-063 Ashby, Clara
1938-MH-025 Ashoff, Mary
1929-MH-074 Atnip, Elmer
1929-MH-071 Austin, James
1933-MH-013 Auton, Cleve
1939-MH-063 Baggett, John Louis
1932-MH-025 Baker, George
1938-MH-047 Balance, Emma
1929-MH-016 Ballard, Maggie
1941-MH-008 Barham, James L
1927-MH-040 Barham, Joseph
1936-MH-014 Barham, Rhoda
1927-MH-056 Barham, William
1929-MH-034 Barlow, P. H.
1935-MH-056 Barnes, Imogene
1936-MH-028 Barnes, Imogene
1941-MH-026 Barnes, William
1939-MH-068 Barnett, Eric
1941-MH-007 Barnett, George
1941-MH-074 Barnett, L I
1930-MH-007 Barnwell, D. H.
1942-MH-002 Barrass, Leonard
1937-MH-022 Barter, R Jane
1932-MH-006 Barter, Raymond
1937-MH-072 Barter, Raymond
1925-MH-033 Barth, Jesse
1937-MH-019 Bartoni, Julius
1941-MH-002 Bartoni, Julius
1929-MH-029 Batts, Nancy
1923-MH-042 Bauder, Ed
1930-MH-052 Bayless, Joe
1936-MH-029 Bearden, Amos
1940-MH-057 Bearden, Emma
1933-MH-020 Beasley, Bertha
1941-MH-081 Beasley, Rebecca
1938-MH-013 Beavers, Marjorie
1933-MH-026 Beavers, Oscar
1941-MH-012 Beckner, Daisy
1929-MH-040 Belcher, John
1940-MH-073 Belcher, John
1941-MH-066 Belcher, John
1931-MH-043 Bell, Ben William
1931-MH-044 Bell, James Henry
1933-MH-025 Bell, Miles
1932-MH-001 Bennett, Kate
1942-MH-028 Bennett, Kate
1939-MH-067 Benton, Lee
1927-MH-012 Benton, Maxie
1942-MH-029 Benton, Ruby
1927-MH-036 Benton,Will
1934-MH-005 Benzak, Barbara
1939-MH-061 Berra, Francis
1923-MH-006 Bertolucci, August
1929-MH-023 Bertolucci, August
1930-MH-064 Beshears, Sid
1929-MH-066 Bier, Joseph Henry
1932-MH-046 Birkholz, Ethel
1927-MH-018 Bivins, Ed
1933-MH-011 Black, Anna
1940-MH-054 Black, Isham
1940-MH-075 Blackburn, Ethel
1941-MH-022 Blades, L O
1935-MH-015 Blair, Albert W.
1924-MH-027 Blair, James
1927-MH-067 Blake, Mae
1942-MH-003 Blanchard, J F
1941-MH-003 Blanchard, Pina
1935-MH-034 Blasco, George
1939-MH-005 Blevins, Jane
1938-MH-053 Bloodworth, Omie
1937-MH-002 Boatright, Betty Imogene
1925-MH-015 Boatright, Ruth
1938-MH-024 Bodden, Lionel
1930-MH-030 Boles, John H.
1940-MH-048 Bolinsky, Della B
1930-MH-039 Boner, Frank
1923-MH-020 Bonini, Ambrosi
1935-MH-030 Bonzi, Mike
1929-MH-053 Borum, Verlinder Bell
1932-MH-052 Bossi, Ernest
1936-MH-006 Bostian, George C
1941-MH-019 Bourland, Nellie
1941-MH-075 Bourland, William D
1941-MH-030 Bowens, Princess
1938-MH-007 Boyd, John
1940-MH-023 Boyd, Louis
1927-MH-046 Boyd, Sarah
1938-MH-008 Bradberry, John
1941-MH-029 Bradley, Emma
1926-MH-003 Brandon, Clara
1939-MH-021 Brann, C B
1941-MH-009 Brann, Clint
1937-MH-026 Brann, Monroe
1937-MH-030 Brann, Monroe
1937-MH-040 Brann, Monroe
1930-MH-049 Bratcher, Jimmie Colene
1925-MH-004 Brayfield, Helen Grizzell
1926-MH-029 Brice, Benjamin
1933-MH-017 Bridges, Lon
1926-MH-040 Briggeman, Ed
1936-MH-055 Brim, Ollie
1928-MH-005 Brimm, Ben
1935-MH-003 Broadway, Harry
1928-MH-020 Brooks, George
1928-MH-049 Brooks, George
1923-MH-027 Brooks, Walter
1924-MH-043 Brown, Cecile
1924-MH-042 Brown, J. D.
1931-MH-039 Brown, J. S.
1935-MH-033 Brown, John
1940-MH-012 Brown, John W
1928-MH-012 Brown, Jonah
1939-MH-072 Brown, Maide
1937-MH-073 Brown, Major
1941-MH-058 Brown, T R
1924-MH-007 Brownlee, Rachel
1926-MH-024 Bruchett, Roy Lee
1932-MH-010 Brusati, James
1922-MH-002 Bryant, Arnold
1938-MH-003 Bryant, Harry
1931-MH-003 Brydon, Cora R.
1937-MH-077 Buckner, Otto
1932-MH-054 Burnley, Isaac
1941-MH-004 Burns, James Milo
1935-MH-063 Burns, Lizzie
1935-MH-059 Burris, Barbara Lee
1926-MH-008 Burton, Hubert E.
1941-MH-016 Burton, William M
1941-MH-048 Burton, William M
1941-MH-060 Burton, William Monroe
1931-MH-020 Bush, Marion
1937-MH-059 Bush, Marion
1938-MH-059 Butler, Lucinda
1939-MH-051 Butz, Ralph Barton
1938-MH-062 Cagle, Moody
1932-MH-008 Cagle, Thomas Lincoln
1931-MH-028 Cain, Ora F.
1929-MH-084 Calcaterra, Charley
1936-MH-001 Caldwell, William
1923-MH-009 Calhoun, Mary
1932-MH-004 Calvert, Charles
1942-MH-020 Calvert, William A
1938-MH-018 Camden, Alice
1930-MH-010 Camden,Alice
1928-MH-004 Campbell, Hattie S.
1932-MH-050 Campbell, Isaac W.
1941-MH-047 Campbell, J T
1923-MH-017 Campbell, Rosa
1941-MH-053 Campbell, Wayman
1926-MH-012 Canada, Daisy
1941-MH-096 Cannedy, Alice
1933-MH-019 Cannon, J. S.
1937-MH-031 Cantrell, Jessie
1942-MH-014 Cantrell, Jessie
1929-MH-001 Caraker, John
1941-MH-001 Caraway, Carson
1928-MH-019 Carley, Elizabeth
1935-MH-054 Carrighan, Patrick
1941-MH-039 Carroll, Julia
1940-MH-088 Carter, Chester A
1938-MH-042 Carter, Clara Mae
1939-MH-025 Carter, Clara May
1927-MH-048 Carter, Mary Jane
1935-MH-053 Cash, Elza
1930-MH-065 Cash, Richard
1926-MH-026 Cato, Ella
1927-MH-059 Cato, Ella
1937-MH-001 Cavaness, Madeline
1937-MH-003 Cavaness, Madeline
1941-MH-043 Cawthon, V B
1927-MH-034 Chamness, Edward W.
1939-MH-049 Chaney, James
1929-MH-031 Chapman, Resmies
1941-MH-084 Chase, Mary E
1936-MH-043 Chase, Sam
1935-MH-024 Chataw, George F.
1940-MH-049 Chhilders, Robert B
1942-MH-012 Chitty, harry
1929-MH-061 Chitty, Josh
1938-MH-019 Choate, Laura
1923-MH-014 Cislak, Aggie
1941-MH-082 Clark, John
1932-MH-041 Clark, Ruth
1925-MH-011 Clark, Vina
1941-MH-035 Clark, Vinnie
1931-MH-051 Claxton, Mary Margaret
1927-MH-063 Clay, Henry
1933-MH-044 Clayton, Hattie
1929-MH-046 Clayton, W. S.
1939-MH-079 Clendenin, Lizzie
1941-MH-106 Clore, Joyce Fern
1939-MH-075 Cobb, Jeanette
1929-MH-003 Cochran, Mary
1928-MH-001 Cocke, D. B.
1923-MH-039 Cole, Eva
1939-MH-062 Coleman, Del
1940-MH-042 Coleman, Thomas
1923-MH-031 Collier, Anna
1935-MH-010 Collins, C. C.
1927-MH-013 Collins, Clifford
1933-MH-029 Collins, William
1932-MH-034 Commean, Wilma
1927-MH-002 Conaway, Johnny L.
1941-MH-099 Cook, Madona
1931-MH-071 Cooper, Sarah
1925-MH-034 Copening, Fred
1929-MH-037 Copher, George
1935-MH-016 Corico, Lawrence
1938-MH-026 Cornell, Ralph
1940-MH-068 Coulehan, Courtney
1941-MH-050 Courtright, Martha Ellen
1941-MH-103 Cox, Donald Gene
1930-MH-027 Cox, T.
1928-MH-051 Crabtreagh, James
1935-MH-029 Crabtree, James M.
1940-MH-021 Craig, Charlie
1938-MH-051 Craig, J W
1935-MH-036 Craig, Lena
1927-MH-014 Craig, Perrine
1942-MH-033 Crain, Clyde
1939-MH-009 Crain, Della
1939-MH-012 Crain, Della
1938-MH-027 Crain, Howard
1933-MH-002 Crain, Leon Rix
1932-MH-039 Crain, Mabel
1939-MH-044 Crain, Mary Ann
1927-MH-053 Crain, William J.
1927-MH-033 Crenshaw, Fred R.
1928-MH-007 Crispi, Rosie
1939-MH-043 Crompton, Eddie
1935-MH-006 Crompton, Edward Ned
1936-MH-003 Crompton, Ned
1924-MH-009 Crossley, Isabelle
1926-MH-019 Crowell, Melvina
1927-MH-019 Crowell, Thomas
1927-MH-030 Crumbar, John H.
1925-MH-031 Cruse, Sidney
1930-MH-003 Crutcher, James
1929-MH-030 Culley, E. W.
1937-MH-016 Cundiff, Emil B
1932-MH-003 Cundiff, Luther
1939-MH-060 Cundiff, William Lewis
1933-MH-006 Cushman, Mary L.
1938-MH-067 Cushman, Paley
1939-MH-029 Cushman, Paley
1928-MH-002 Cutrell, Ida
1942-MH-017 Dalton, Eva
1930-MH-041 Dalton, Zadie
1930-MH-050 Damron, George W.
1935-MH-032 Damulis, Julia
1932-MH-024 Daniel, Mary
1925-MH-008 Darnell, Anna
1939-MH-011 Daugherty, William R
1938-MH-057 Davis, Aaron
1931-MH-065 Davis, Arthur
1927-MH-008 Davis, Billy Elden
1939-MH-073 Davis, Cyrus
1929-MH-028 Davis, Flora
1936-MH-008 Davis, Flora
1944-MH-003 Davis, Flora Liola
1941-MH-091 Davis, Kenneth
1936-MH-007 Davis, L C
1937-MH-043 Davis, Maggie
1935-MH-001 Davis, Mariah
1938-MH-014 Davis, Mariah
1926-MH-017 Davis, May
1927-MH-035 Davis, Paul Maurice
1929-MH-082 Davis, Virginia
1931-MH-013 Deeble, Charles
1924-MH-011 Deering, Nancy Jane
1928-MH-042 Delconti, Josephine
1925-MH-032 Delconti, Mary
1924-MH-001 DeLoach, Oscar
1936-MH-024 Deweers, Millie
1937-MH-050 Dewoody, G A
1941-MH-006 Dix, Julius
1925-MH-022 Dixon, W. H.
1929-MH-007 Doherty, Morris
1931-MH-057 Dorris, Clara L.
1936-MH-002 Dorris, J E
1928-MH-043 Dotson, Ella
1939-MH-056 Dougherty, William R
1924-MH-010 Downs, James
1931-MH-061 Drew, Daisy Knight
1931-MH-036 Drew, Loyd
1933-MH-046 Drury, Albert
1925-MH-006 Dunaway, Harry
1933-MH-022 Duncan, Mary S.
1927-MH-061 Duncan, Nannie
1925-MH-002 Dungey, Charles
1932-MH-017 Dunn, J. T.
1937-MH-060 Dunn, Martha
1937-MH-065 Dunn, Martha
1937-MH-068 Dunn, Martha
1931-MH-019 Dunn, Paul Virtus
1935-MH-021 Durham, John
1930-MH-019 Duryea, Ida
1941-MH-079 Ealey, Mabel
1941-MH-017 Eatherly, Charley
1936-MH-078 Eaton, Estellah
1928-MH-026 Echols, Orval
1940-MH-079 Echols, Orval
1941-MH-024 Echols, Orval
1938-MH-048 Edmonds, Sarah
1933-MH-024 Edmondson, Lizzie
1943-MH-007 Edwards, Alma Lou
1940-MH-015 Edwards, Dollie May
1929-MH-073 Edwards, Goldie
1935-MH-039 Edwards, Herman
1935-MH-047 Edwards, L. C.
1936-MH-068 Edwards, Margaret
1939-MH-018 Edwards, Margaret
1929-MH-005 Edwards, Rossie
1930-MH-043 Edwards, Susan J.
1936-MH-067 Eigenrauch, Matilda
1940-MH-040 Eldridge, John Manley
1942-MH-004 Eldridge, Mary
1927-MH-022 Elet, Alice
1928-MH-023 Elliott, Charles
1926-MH-015 Ellis, Bessie
1939-MH-038 Ellis, Charles
1932-MH-020 Ellis, James
1937-MH-010 Ellis, Marshall
1936-MH-036 Ely, Rachel
1932-MH-018 Emboden, Osburn
1925-MH-048 Emboden, William O.
1933-MH-005 Endrizzi, Teresa
1927-MH-069 Engler, T. P.
1928-MH-018 Engler, Tom P.
1927-MH-055 Eraham, James
1932-MH-035 Espey, Alieze
1927-MH-070 Evans, W. C.
1929-MH-068 Evans, W. C.
1935-MH-041 Evitts, G. S.
1933-MH-045 Fambough, M. W.
1937-MH-014 Farmer, Clarence
1937-MH-047 Farmer, Viola
1940-MH-064 Farmer, Viola
1924-MH-037 Faulkner, Archie
1939-MH-053 Feigle, John
1929-MH-072 Felts, H. O.
1935-MH-066 Felts, H. O.
1939-MH-069 Felts, Minnie
1935-MH-046 Felts, Paralee
1937-MH-078 Fergus, John L
1937-MH-039 Ferguson, Mabel
1942-MH-019 Ferketich, Mary
1942-MH-025 Ferrell, Emma
1924-MH-028 Finney, Hobert
1936-MH-080 Finney, Vivian Marie
1931-MH-012 Fisher, Jack
1927-MH-064 Fisher, William R.
1936-MH-059 Fisher, Willie R
1932-MH-014 Fisher, Wm. R.
1926-MH-005 Fitts, Pearl
1928-MH-037 Fleming, Mary Lou
1932-MH-051 Flener, Dell
1925-MH-025 Flynn, Catherine
1929-MH-038 Fogle, Sam
1942-MH-032 Foley, Lucille
1931-MH-035 Foli, Eliza
1926-MH-013 Forbush, Lucia G.
1925-MH-007 Ford, Martha E.
1935-MH-028 Fosse, Edward P.
1925-MH-035 Foster, Stella Mae
1936-MH-037 Fowler, John T
1940-MH-082 Fox, Mary
1931-MH-045 Fozard, Joseph
1925-MH-017 Fozard, Walter
1923-MH-011 Fozzard, Walter E
1936-MH-012 Frances, E T
1925-MH-010 Francis, Arthur
1935-MH-020 Francis, Della
1931-MH-008 Francisco, Francis
1932-MH-045 Frattini, Marie
1923-MH-030 Frederick, Elmina
1930-MH-005 Fry, John H.
1925-MH-047 Fuller, Isham C.
1931-MH-041 Funk, Joseph
1939-MH-042 Furlong, Berneice
1939-MH-070 Furlong, Berneice
1940-MH-020 Furlong, Bernice
1941-MH-088 Furlong, Berniece
1926-MH-036 Furlong, Felix W.
1939-MH-010 Gagliano, Rosario
1942-MH-005 Gagliano, Rosario
1926-MH-004 Gahm, Henry
1936-MH-058 Gallagher, Clyde E
1925-MH-049 Ganke, H. A.
1931-MH-052 Garavaglia, Anna
1931-MH-050 Garavaglia, Lena
1928-MH-031 Garavaglia, Milo
1925-MH-037 Gardiner, Dorothy
1927-MH-005 Gargel, James
1922-MH-001 Garner, Cecil
1925-MH-040 Garrett, Whuett
1927-MH-074 Garrison, Charles
1927-MH-004 Garrison, George
1936-MH-025 Gartner, Carolina
1931-MH-046 Gartner, Caroline
1943-MH-003 Gartner, Caroline
1928-MH-014 Garvaglia, Joe
1921-MH-001 Gavalis, Vera
1927-MH-041 Gent, Fred
1939-MH-033 Geovanni, Jim
1929-MH-063 Ghent, Minnie F.
1930-MH-018 Gholston, George
1936-MH-057 Gibson, Delsie
1935-MH-067 Gilbert, Sarah
1937-MH-051 Glore, Mollie
1925-MH-018 Godleski, Ansna
1926-MH-030 Goodall, Samuel H.
1931-MH-001 Goode, Vona
1924-MH-019 Gooden, Alonzo
1935-MH-055 Gooden, Estelle H.
1932-MH-036 Gosnell, Alla
1929-MH-024 Gosnell, Dona
1940-MH-070 Gothard, Mary A
1925-MH-023 Grable, Robert
1928-MH-038 Grammer, Carrole
1938-MH-033 Grammer, Carroll
1943-MH-005 Grant, Ellis Dee
1931-MH-070 Grant, Eva
1930-MH-036 Grant, Lena
1923-MH-010 Gray, Alfred E.
1940-MH-030 Grba, Robert
1942-MH-006 Greathouse, Mary
1927-MH-060 Green, G.W.
1940-MH-025 Greene, Maxine
1942-MH-036 Greenings, Jr, William J
1933-MH-030 Greer, A. J.
1924-MH-022 Greer, Ina
1941-MH-092 Gresham, Harold
1940-MH-032 Griffin, Mirada P
1925-MH-026 Griggs, Lucien
1927-MH-017 Griggs, Margaret
1930-MH-006 Griggs, Sam
1939-MH-084 Grimes, Charles
1929-MH-011 Grimes, Vadie
1930-MH-020 Grimes, Vadie
1937-MH-052 Grisham, Florence
1937-MH-066 Groves, Alice
1939-MH-017 Groves, Sally
1923-MH-025 Gulley, Nora
1939-MH-041 Hacker, E H
1930-MH-001 Hadfield, Anna “Collier”
1939-MH-027 Hadfield, John
1941-MH-072 Hadfield, John
1941-MH-078 Hadfield, Thomas
1927-MH-062 Hagenour, Noma
1937-MH-035 Hale, Nathan
1924-MH-035 Hall, Ben
1937-MH-053 Hall, Don
1935-MH-044 Hall, Lucian
1936-MH-054 Hall, Lucian
1926-MH-016 Hall, Thomas J.
1933-MH-048 Hamlet, Bertha
1926-MH-014 Hampton, Jessie Allen
1930-MH-009 Hanselman, Jake
1936-MH-030 Harding, James
1925-MH-029 Hardy, U. S.
1929-MH-015 Harris, Augusta J.
1939-MH-028 Harris, Carl
1939-MH-050 Harris, Carl
1937-MH-075 Harris, Dave
1923-MH-035 Harris, George
1929-MH-070 Harris, John Logan
1923-MH-026 Harris, Lige
1929-MH-080 Harris, Roscoe D.
1942-MH-038 Harris, Willie
1936-MH-033 Harrison, Katherine
1940-MH-002 Harrolle, J C
1942-MH-040 Hart, George B
1936-MH-062 Hartley, Ed
1930-MH-004 Hartline, Bertha
1942-MH-027 Hartman, Charles
1924-MH-036 Hartwell, A. E.
1941-MH-093 Hartwell, Lizzie
1927-MH-010 Hatchett, Will
1924-MH-023 Hawkins, Elizabeth
1930-MH-034 Hawkins, Roy
1936-MH-066 Hawkins, W M
1927-MH-037 Hawkins, W. M.
1940-MH-005 Hawkins, William
1935-MH-007 Hazel, John
1944-MH-001 Hearn, Clarence Robert
1926-MH-038 Henderson A. H.
1925-MH-041 Henderson, Amanda C.
1933-MH-021 Henderson, Anna
1933-MH-010 Henderson, Carl
1929-MH-048 Henderson, Sam L.
1936-MH-077 Hendricks, Greta Jean
1929-MH-017 Hendrickson, Dr. M.
1937-MH-058 Hendrickson, Jr, Fred
1938-MH-028 Hendrickson, Mary
1924-MH-021 Henry, Mary
1930-MH-057 Henson, Charles
1923-MH-023 Hestand, John W.
1928-MH-017 Hicks, James W.
1935-MH-013 Hicks, Rosa
1927-MH-052 Hill, Ben
1924-MH-005 Hill, Ernest
1926-MH-018 Hill, Francis Marion
1930-MH-021 Hill, Francis Marion
1932-MH-007 Hill, H. H.
1935-MH-011 Hill, James C.
1940-MH-013 Hill, Mary E
1924-MH-008 Hill, Starling R.
1927-MH-054 Hiller, John
1928-MH-029 Hiller, Mary
1941-MH-068 Hilliard, Raymond
1927-MH-029 Hinchcliff, Ernest V.
1930-MH-013 Hinchcliff, Sarah
1940-MH-047 Hinckle, Douglas
1937-MH-025 Hindman, Elizabeth
1941-MH-105 Hines, Elvis
1941-MH-036 Hobbs, Paul
1930-MH-033 Hodder, W. H.
1940-MH-045 Hogan, S W
1939-MH-016 Hogan, Samuel
1927-MH-020 Hogg, Aaron
1928-MH-027 Holbing, Mary
1944-MH-002 Holbrook, Madelina
1940-MH-016 Holland, Sam
1937-MH-017 Holmes, Don
1929-MH-012 Holmes, Parker
1929-MH-093 Hood, Mary R.
1930-MH-061 Hooper, Helen
1941-MH-005 Hoover, John
1940-MH-044 Horn, J Frank
1936-MH-071 Housman, T G
1941-MH-033 Howell, Claude
1935-MH-058 Howell, Fona
1936-MH-042 Howell, George
1940-MH-051 Howerton, Luther
1926-MH-039 Howry, Annie
1935-MH-037 Hudgens, Alean
1937-MH-011 Hudgens, Zach
1936-MH-015 Hudson, John a
1937-MH-061 Hudson, John A
1926-MH-033 Hundley, Nannie
1931-MH-018 Hutchinson, John
1938-MH-066 Hutson, David
1932-MH-055 Irwin, Will
1930-MH-042 Issler, Caroline
1940-MH-014 Ivkovich, Dusan
1939-MH-046 Jacobs, Guy
1939-MH-081 Jacobs, Julia
1939-MH-065 Jacobs, Jullie
1931-MH-042 James, Douglas
1937-MH-067 James, Earl
1938-MH-039 James, Earl
1940-MH-007 James, Earl
1942-MH-018 Jarvis, Henry
1931-MH-026 Jeffery, George
1924-MH-003 Jeffries, Finley
1929-MH-062 Jenkins, Lucy B.
1936-MH-072 Jent, Fred
1932-MH-028 Jent, Jasper
1926-MH-041 Jerolds, James
1940-MH-083 Jeter, Ben F
1930-MH-016 Jeter, Leonard F.
1935-MH-060 Jobe, M. A.
1941-MH-037 Johns, Ben
1939-MH-007 Johns, Moody
1928-MH-033 Johnson, Adia
1928-MH-025 Johnson, Anna May
1935-MH-023 Johnson, Emma
1929-MH-064 Johnson, J. H.
1938-MH-064 Johnson, Joe
1936-MH-053 Johnson, Mildred
1942-MH-023 Johnson, Mildred
1928-MH-041 Johnson, William
1937-MH-013 Johnson, William
1925-MH-043 Jones, Frank
1936-MH-069 Jones, Frank
1937-MH-036 Jones, Frank
1928-MH-028 Jones, James T.
1928-MH-015 Jones, John
1938-MH-036 Jones, Katie
1940-MH-061 Jones, Lona
1939-MH-083 Jones, Marguerite
1940-MH-039 Jones, Paul
1941-MH-107 Jones, Rosa Lee
1930-MH-048 Jones, Thelma
1938-MH-010 Jones, William
1939-MH-001 Jordan, Laura Belle
1928-MH-016 Jordan, Luster
1936-MH-027 Jordon, Laura Belle
1929-MH-036 Julian, Mabel
1938-MH-060 Kanipe, Joe
1930-MH-014 Kee, Anetta
1923-MH-037 Keeling, Ed
1931-MH-053 Keeling, Neal
1936-MH-032 Keeling, Neal
1937-MH-055 Keiskes, Mike
1940-MH-033 Kelley, Annie
1931-MH-023 Kelley, Arthur I.
1932-MH-032 Kelley, Fannie
1924-MH-038 Kelley, LeRoy
1931-MH-055 Kelley, Robert
1924-MH-004 Kelley, Zach
1923-MH-002 Kellinis, Sherman
1936-MH-064 Kelton, Vernie
1942-MH-008 Kent, Geneva
1927-MH-027 Kerr, Velma
1929-MH-079 Kerrigan, Lena
1939-MH-004 Key, Katie
1941-MH-073 Killinger, Harry
1929-MH-008 Kilman, Tony
1932-MH-027 King, Albert Frank
1933-MH-004 King, D. C.
1937-MH-041 Kingery, Richard
1939-MH-030 Kingery, Richard C
1943-MH-001 Kirby, Lorenzo
1935-MH-035 Kirkman, James R.
1937-MH-004 Kitchen, H L
1925-MH-020 Kite, Louis
1927-MH-025 Klutts, Anna
1938-MH-030 Knight, Everett E
1928-MH-003 Knowles, Arthur J.
1938-MH-022 Knowles, Thomas
1941-MH-013 Koonce, Herbert S
1941-MH-027 Koonce, Herbert S
1941-MH-052 Koonce, Herbert S
1930-MH-029 Koonce, Susan
1942-MH-010 Kooonce, Herbert S
1939-MH-076 Koss, Ellen
1926-MH-011 Kramp, Lucy
1940-MH-058 Kramp, Lucy
1934-MH-003 Krowlis, Johnnie
1924-MH-030 Krumpt, Joe
1933-MH-034 Kutnick, Mike
1940-MH-018 LaGesse, Ruby
1942-MH-009 Laird, Mabel
1938-MH-020 Lamb, Fay
1941-MH-089 Lamendola, Josephine
1940-MH-001 Lamendota, Josephine
1928-MH-030 Lance, Sarah
1924-MH-029 Land, Louis
1938-MH-068 Laney, Kenneth
1937-MH-057 Lapinski, Victor
1938-MH-043 Larimer, Beulah
1935-MH-022 Latta, W. J.
1931-MH-062 Lauderdale, Charles
1931-MH-022 Lavezzi, Mary
1942-MH-034 Lavezzi, Mary
1923-MH-013 Layman, Amos
1938-MH-002 Layman, James H
1927-MH-051 Leach, Claude
1935-MH-018 Leach, U. J.
1937-MH-034 Lear, Andrew
1937-MH-076 Lear, Andrew
1923-MH-001 Lear, Victoria
1923-MH-033 Ledbetter, James E.
1939-MH-039 Ledin, Myrtle
1927-MH-001 Lee, Gin
1941-MH-049 Lee, Margaraet E
1940-MH-078 Lee, Martha
1940-MH-008 Leehy, James
1931-MH-066 Leeper, Francis
1935-MH-045 Leeper, Francis
1930-MH-058 Lents, John
1935-MH-038 Level, Ben
1939-MH-057 Lewis, Edward
1935-MH-008 Lewis, Sam
1929-MH-043 Lindsey, Cordelia F.
1936-MH-004 Lindsey, J T
1929-MH-044 Lindsey, James K.
1936-MH-031 Lindsey, Louis
1933-MH-027 Linton,Earl
1935-MH-005 Little, J. M.
1939-MH-035 Lloyd, Ephram
1924-MH-026 Lloyd, George R.
1925-MH-038 Lockie, Alice
1925-MH-001 Lodge, Norman
1931-MH-011 Long, Leonard
1937-MH-032 Lovelace, J E
1931-MH-067 Lowe, B. F.
1941-MH-034 Loyd, Ephraim
1924-MH-020 Loyd, Fred
1939-MH-013 Loyd, Murel
1929-MH-098 Lucas, Alma
1933-MH-012 Lucini, Lena
1940-MH-072 Maki, Matt
1923-MH-041 Malcolm, William
1936-MH-050 Malcom, Everett
1939-MH-045 Manguso, Mamie
1924-MH-018 Maniscolli, Mary
1933-MH-018 Mankovich, George
1940-MH-060 Manning, Carl
1940-MH-066 Manning, Carl
1940-MH-035 Mansfield, Charles
1920-MH-002 Margaron, Joe
1941-MH-025 Mark, Darrell
1941-MH-028 Mark, Darrell
1923-MH-024 Marks, James
1926-MH-006 Marks, Virdie
1925-MH-051 Martin, Ed
1927-MH-043 Martin, James M.
1923-MH-022 Martin, Phrona
1936-MH-041 Martin, Thomas
1937-MH-006 Martin, William
1942-MH-013 Marvin, James
1923-MH-032 Mason, Harry
1938-MH-023 Mathers, Will
1924-MH-015 Mathis, Archie
1929-MH-042 Mattix, Christine
1938-MH-046 Mayer, Claudie
1936-MH-046 Mayer, Oral M
1937-MH-045 Mayhew, James
1927-MH-050 Maynard, Charley
1929-MH-006 McAllister, Walter
1941-MH-063 McAnelly, Jennie
1936-MH-076 McCain, Kenneth
1936-MH-079 McCain, Robert
1935-MH-024 McConkey, George
1924-MH-025 McCool, Leonard
1933-MH-028 McCuan, Eliza
1937-MH-070 McCuan, Melba
1939-MH-082 McCuan, Melba
1937-MH-012 McDonald, J B
1929-MH-004 McFarland, Mary
1930-MH-054 McGee, Frank
1943-MH-006 McGee, George Newton
1940-MH-062 McGinnis, Grant
1937-MH-027 McHargue, Hattie
1929-MH-027 McIntosh, John L.
1930-MH-025 McIntosh, William
1930-MH-002 McKinney, Harry
1924-MH-039 McLean, Walter G.
1926-MH-043 McMillan, Helen
1929-MH-018 McMillan, Hiram
1929-MH-026 McNamara, Mike
1929-MH-097 McNeely, Carl
1935-MH-043 McNeely, Carl
1933-MH-009 McNeill, F. G.
1941-MH-014 McNeill, Roscoe
1940-MH-043 McRoy, Arthur
1923-MH-040 Melville, Edward
1930-MH-056 Merrell, Sarah
1938-MH-050 Meyers, James A
1927-MH-031 Mezo, Ben
1925-MH-013 Mezo, William L.
1941-MH-020 Michaux, Frank
1936-MH-038 Milazzo, Dorothy
1941-MH-041 Miller, Carrie
1927-MH-045 Miller, Emily J.
1927-MH-016 Miller, Julia
1941-MH-071 Miller, Mike
1923-MH-008 Miller, Mollie
1924-MH-012 Miller, Nancy
1935-MH-068 Milligan, Whittier
1941-MH-040 Milton, Sarah Clara
1930-MH-024 Miscauech, Stella
1924-MH-002 Molla, Maria
1929-MH-085 Mollo, Pete
1942-MH-035 Molloy, Emeline Rose
1932-MH-021 Monroe, John T.
1927-MH-038 Monteleone, Frank
1942-MH-039 Moore, A A
1936-MH-021 Moore, Bert
1936-MH-061 Moore, Bert
1936-MH-009 Moore, George W
1942-MH-022 Moore, Gertrude
1930-MH-023 Moore, Martin
1941-MH-069 Moore, Maryh
1935-MH-031 Moore, Nannie
1931-MH-006 Moore, Nellie
1936-MH-074 Morgan, Goldie
1928-MH-046 Morgan, John
1927-MH-028 Morgan, Ransom
1935-MH-027 Morgan, Ransom
1932-MH-053 Morris, Anna
1929-MH-014 Morris, Carmin
1930-MH-012 Mosley, Viola
1939-MH-040 Motsinger, Charity
1935-MH-012 Motsinger, William L.
1930-MH-031 Moulton, Alva C.
1931-MH-030 Moulton, Fred
1923-MH-015 Mowbray, James
1930-MH-015 Murphy, Irvin
1929-MH-092 Murry, Frank
1939-MH-047 Nash, Richard
1929-MH-025 Nasser, David
1936-MH-044 Neber, John
1936-MH-063 Neely, Fred
1937-MH-005 Neely, Fred
1939-MH-080 Nelson, Carlie
1929-MH-075 Nelson, Ella
1936-MH-017 Nesler, George O
1937-MH-044 Nesler, George O
1936-MH-060 Newlin, Stella
1938-MH-052 Newlin, Stella
1941-MH-080 Newton, Bertha
1932-MH-030 Newton, Vernon
1935-MH-002 Newton, Zorodo
1928-MH-024 Nicholson, Maggie
1923-MH-012 Nicholson, William
1938-MH-005 Nigra, Mary
1941-MH-044 Noe, Joe
1938-MH-029 Nolan, John Lucien
1927-MH-011 Noreish, Fritz
1935-MH-042 Norisch, Fritz
1937-MH-007 Norman, Adel Wills
1938-MH-038 Norman, Clyde
1940-MH-022 Norman, Clyde
1940-MH-086 Norman, Clyde
1926-MH-034 Norman, Jesse
1942-MH-024 Norman, Jesse
1931-MH-032 Norman, Katie
1940-MH-077 Norman, Ovella
1932-MH-019 Norris, Hattie
1935-MH-064 Norris, Hattie
1936-MH-022 Norris, Hattie
1936-MH-049 Norris, Hattie
1938-MH-004 Norris, Hattie
1939-MH-015 Norris, Hattie
1938-MH-058 Norris, Millie
1933-MH-014 Norris, Ruby
1937-MH-069 Norris, Ruby
1936-MH-073 Oakley, Aileen
1935-MH-004 Ober, Thomas, W.
1925-MH-014 Oden, A. J.
1931-MH-060 Odum, W. M.
1927-MH-023 Oldani, Angelo
1923-MH-036 Oldani, Louis
1926-MH-001 Olier, Louetta
1941-MH-054 O’Neal, James M
1931-MH-054 O’Neil, Annie
1941-MH-021 Oran, R H
1925-MH-012 Ottolini, Bambina
1936-MH-020 Overby, John
1931-MH-059 Owen, W. T.
1929-MH-047 Owen, William
1928-MH-010 Owens, Hattie
1932-MH-015 Oxford, Laura
1931-MH-048 Ozment, Harold
1941-MH-059 Pack, Myrl
1939-MH-037 Painter, Dora
1932-MH-009 Painter, Dora Elizabeth
1929-MH-002 Paker, Edith
1943-MH-002 Palifroni, Mirzio
1939-MH-023 Parker, Charles
1941-MH-070 Parker, Grace
1937-MH-056 Parks, Helen
1938-MH-001 Parks, Helen
1939-MH-066 Parks, Helen
1932-MH-047 Parks, Herbert
1926-MH-022 Parritt, Lester
1936-MH-052 Parsons, George
1929-MH-078 Patterson,Richard
1940-MH-041 Payne, Harland
1931-MH-016 Peebles, Walter
1923-MH-029 Pelton, Emma
1923-MH-016 Pengilly, Michael
1933-MH-003 Pennington, Walter
1924-MH-017 Peppers, Logan
1936-MH-013 Perdue, Henry
1936-MH-039 Perkins, Felix
1923-MH-018 Perrine, Mildred
1925-MH-042 Perrine, Thomas
1930-MH-044 Perrine, W. A. Jr.
1931-MH-029 Perry, Bessie Kelley
1927-MH-073 Perry, Chas. M.
1936-MH-047 Peterson, William
1927-MH-026 Phillips, J. M.
1940-MH-087 Phillips, John L
1932-MH-048 Phillips, Minnie J.
1932-MH-049 Piantanida, Charlie
1933-MH-043 Pierce,W. H.
1929-MH-039 Pierson, John H.
1929-MH-089 Pinkston, Gray
1937-MH-024 Pisoni, Mary
1935-MH-049 Plott, Leroy
1936-MH-034 Poe, Monroe D
1933-MH-047 Polifrone, Merzio
1931-MH-069 Politani, Leo
1932-MH-013 Porter, Lizy
1931-MH-058 Poston, Fred D.
1938-MH-006 Powell, George L
1941-MH-018 Powell, Harrison
1925-MH-028 Prater, Robert
1930-MH-055 Prather, W. T.
1927-MH-009 Pratt, Randall
1925-MH-045 Price, Dan
1927-MH-044 Price, Dan
1934-MH-004 Priddy, George
1931-MH-031 Pride, Glenn
1941-MH-031 Prim, Clifford
1930-MH-037 Pritchett, J. C.
1939-MH-022 Pritchett, Junior
1937-MH-042 Pullen, Margaret Malair
1925-MH-009 Pulley, Fred
1941-MH-061 Pulley, Louis
1940-MH-046 Rachel, Tom
1929-MH-096 Ragain, Fannie
1929-MH-019 Ragain, Samuel
1937-MH-079 Ragain, Samuel
1929-MH-065 Raines, Virgil
1933-MH-033 Ramsey, Bruce
1937-MH-074 Ranchilo, Alexander
1941-MH-032 Randolph, Mauvern
1924-MH-031 Ranthor, Mary E.
1927-MH-058 Rasco, Perrington
1926-MH-035 Ray, Tabitha C.
1939-MH-078 Reed, Elbert
1941-MH-077 Reed, Elbert
1923-MH-004 Reese, Mary
1942-MH-007 Reiger, Margaret
1929-MH-076 Reiter, Hazel
1928-MH-008 Resta, Joe
1941-MH-104 Reynolds, Daniel
1927-MH-024 Rice, Joseph A.
1923-MH-044 Rich, John
1941-MH-057 Richardson, Hosea
1940-MH-063 Ridley, William
1933-MH-039 Rikard, Marshal
1940-MH-074 Rikard, Marshall
1928-MH-034 Rippy, Phil
1939-MH-052 Roberson, Henry
1940-MH-034 Roberson, Henry
1928-MH-044 Roberts, Lexie, M.
1923-MH-038 Roberts, Liza
1924-MH-014 Roberts, Lizzie
1937-MH-064 Roberts, Margaret
1920-MH-001 Robertson, Beauton
1940-MH-027 Robertson, Jane
1929-MH-021 Robertson, Marion Henry
1935-MH-050 Robertson, Wilma
1932-MH-012 Robinson, Harley
1936-MH-035 Robinson, Paul
1936-MH-065 Robinson, Paul
1940-MH-084 Robinson, T E
1930-MH-038 Roesch, Carl G.
1933-MH-041 Roland, Charles
1938-MH-054 Rolando, John
1940-MH-065 Rolando, John
1940-MH-003 Rolando, Oma
1941-MH-010 Roper, Gertrude
1941-MH-023 Roper, Gertrude
1928-MH-035 Rose, Amanda
1941-MH-095 Rosenberg, C F
1940-MH-081 Ross, Margaret
1941-MH-098 Routly, Ida
1943-MH-004 Rowatt, Richard Curtis
1931-MH-063 Rubinaker, Margaret
1932-MH-026 Rush, Willis O.
1938-MH-045 Russell, Lizzie
1929-MH-020 Russell, Lucretia
1939-MH-008 Russell, Nora
1940-MH-069 Russell, Robert
1937-MH-018 Sadler, W J
1942-MH-041 Saliba, Bessie Myrl
1923-MH-034 Salmon, John
1937-MH-062 Samuel, Cora
1925-MH-039 Samuels, Cora
1927-MH-039 Sander, Elizabeth
1933-MH-001 Sanders, Lorrie C.
1941-MH-062 Sanders, Otis
1942-MH-015 Sanders, Otis
1938-MH-015 Sanders, Rebecca
1931-MH-015 Sanggwin, Harry E.
1939-MH-054 Sansom, Orval
1928-MH-011 Sanson, Charlie
1933-MH-040 Sanson, Henry
1924-MH-044 Satterfield, Prentis L.
1933-MH-023 Sawyer, George W.
1942-MH-021 Schafale, Michael
1938-MH-017 Schafer, Laner J
1928-MH-047 Schauerte, Henry
1926-MH-031 Schiff, Elizabeth
1925-MH-021 Schmitt, Francis
1937-MH-071 Schoolcraft, Esther
1938-MH-011 Schoolcraft, Esther
1938-MH-037 Schoolcraft, Esther
1939-MH-006 Schoolcraft, Esther
1928-MH-045 Schukis, George
1941-MH-101 Seagle, Media
1941-MH-102 Seagle, Willard
1924-MH-034 Secokich, Tom
1931-MH-021 Sellars, Will
1933-MH-037 Sellas, Earl
1931-MH-004 Shaborn, Harry
1938-MH-035 Shackleford, Orval
1938-MH-044 Shadowens, Eva
1938-MH-055 Shadowens, Eva
1941-MH-097 Shaffer, Nora
1927-MH-049 Sharp, Cora
1933-MH-032 Shaw, Mary
1933-MH-036 Shaw, Thomas
1933-MH-035 Shaw, William
1939-MH-026 Shelby, Leonard
1925-MH-003 Shoemaker, Mary
1934-MH-001 Shragal, Max
1941-MH-046 Shuttleworth, Mose
1942-MH-011 Shuttleworth, Mose
1941-MH-085 Siko, John
1927-MH-003 Simmons, Ava
1932-MH-037 Simmons, D. W.
1928-MH-036 Simmons, Evelyn
1929-MH-086 Simmons, Jasper
1941-MH-055 Simpson, Clare
1926-MH-023 Simpson, Elizer
1928-MH-009 Singler, George
1939-MH-055 Singler, Myrtle
1940-MH-056 Sisk, Fannie
1928-MH-053 Sisney, Charlie
1929-MH-013 Skelcher, Albert
1931-MH-024 Skelcher, Joe
1930-MH-008 Skuzinski, Noma
1930-MH-017 Skuzinski, Noma
1930-MH-040 Skuzinski, Noma
1938-MH-016 Slater, Clemie
1938-MH-061 Slater, Clemie
1940-MH-031 Slater, Clemie
1932-MH-022 Slater, James
1940-MH-028 Slattery, William W
1936-MH-070 Slayton, Thomas
1939-MH-077 Sloan, A L
1942-MH-037 Smith, Andrew F
1939-MH-024 Smith, Audie
1939-MH-031 Smith, Bert
1927-MH-042 Smith, Earl
1940-MH-076 Smith, Edward Lee
1932-MH-011 Smith, George
1925-MH-016 Smith, James
1936-MH-023 Smith, James L
1932-MH-044 Smith, Joe
1940-MH-067 Smith, Tina
1941-MH-067 Smith, Tina
1941-MH-094 Smith, Tina
1931-MH-025 Smith, Tracy
1939-MH-019 Smith, Vinnie
1924-MH-024 Smith, William
1929-MH-081 Smith, William
1940-MH-010 Smothers, Hubert
1938-MH-032 Smothers, Mamie
1938-MH-031 Smothers, Willis Hebron
1938-MH-065 Snoddy, Francis
1929-MH-067 Snoddy, Verla Marie
1928-MH-013 Snyder, Oscar
1933-MH-016 Socoloff, Boris
1931-MH-033 Soule, H. M.
1926-MH-037 Spain, W. S.
1941-MH-038 Speranza, Albert
1929-MH-083 Spiller, Francis
1931-MH-049 Spiller, Francis
1941-MH-083 Spiller, Isaac Newtoon
1936-MH-026 Spiller, Sarah E
1924-MH-013 Spiller, Sula
1941-MH-042 Sprague, J A
1940-MH-011 Stakpoll, William
1929-MH-009 Stallion,Thomas
1940-MH-038 Stanley, J H
1942-MH-001 Stanley, Rufus
1930-MH-026 Starrick, Lee
1931-MH-007 Steckenrider, Francis
1923-MH-021 Stefanich, George
1930-MH-022 Stephens, Andrew
1941-MH-056 Stephens, Edna
1927-MH-057 Stephens, Francis M.
1928-MH-040 Stephens, Mary
1930-MH-011 Stephenson, I. W.
1929-MH-087 Stephenson, Isaac N.
1929-MH-095 Stevens, Jesse
1923-MH-028 Stevens, Louie
1941-MH-051 Steward, Homer
1936-MH-019 Stewart, Bessie
1939-MH-058 Stewart, Bessie
1936-MH-011 Stocks, Della
1927-MH-071 Stoker, William
1930-MH-045 Story, Green B.
1930-MH-066 Strobel, John
1929-MH-069 Strunk, Lillie Reece
1937-MH-009 Strunk, Lilly
1923-MH-043 Summers, Robert A.
1932-MH-040 Summers, Wilburn
1936-MH-005 Susman, Edwin J
1925-MH-036 Sutton, Joe
1936-MH-045 Swafford, Nell
1937-MH-015 Swafford, Nellie
1926-MH-020 Swafford, Nellie
1938-MH-009 Swan, Florence H
1931-MH-005 Swan, Freeman
1932-MH-005 Swan, Myrtle
1929-MH-094 Swanner, W. C.
1932-MH-031 Tanner, Audie
1925-MH-052 Tanner, Georgia
1923-MH-045 Tanner, Hez
1940-MH-026 Tansley, William
1940-MH-036 Tansley, William
1932-MH-042 Taylor, Eddie
1935-MH-065 Taylor, T. P.
1935-MH-009 Taylor, Truman
1939-MH-002 Temple, Mamie
1931-MH-047 Thaxton, W. E.
1941-MH-100 Thomas, Marjie Lee
1929-MH-032 Thomas, Sarah
1932-MH-056 Thompson, Bert M.
1933-MH-015 Thompson, Bert M.
1931-MH-038 Thompson, Lizzie
1940-MH-052 Thompson, Lula
1926-MH-028 Thompson, Marinda
1936-MH-016 Thompson, Marinda
1930-MH-028 Thompson, Robert
1926-MH-025 Thompson, Sarah J.
1935-MH-069 Thornton, Moses
1938-MH-040 Threlkell, Willis
1938-MH-056 Tippy, Dave
1929-MH-077 Tippy, Francis
1931-MH-009 Tippy, Francis
1937-MH-023 Tippy, Oran
1935-MH-040 Tippy, Oren
1926-MH-021 Tompson, Lizzie
1925-MH-044 Tomshak, Frank
1942-MH-016 Tousain, Charles C
1937-MH-008 Towery, Pearl
1930-MH-063 Travelstead, T.W.
1925-MH-050 Travelstead, Tom
1935-MH-025 Tripp, Robert L.
1923-MH-005 Trooper, Peter
1935-MH-019 Trucano, Alice
1938-MH-012 Turton, Minnie
1932-MH-038 Usrey, Mabel
1938-MH-034 Valco, Andi
1939-MH-014 Valco, Andi
1935-MH-014 Valco, Andrew
1926-MH-007 Vancil, Samuel Arthur
1941-MH-011 Vannoy, Arland
1927-MH-047 Varo, Joe
1924-MH-033 Vaughan, Jessie A.
1937-MH-049 Vaughn, Manny
1927-MH-072 Vaughn, Thomas
1925-MH-027 Venegoni, Angelo
1936-MH-048 Venegoni, Angelo
1940-MH-006 Verngoni, Joe
1937-MH-033 Vick, Lydia
1929-MH-035 Victory, Glover
1926-MH-027 Visconti, John
1931-MH-014 Volkert, C. F.
1938-MH-021 Wade, Sula
1924-MH-032 Waitkees, Mike
1940-MH-009 Walden, William
1940-MH-055 Waldron, Joseph E
1929-MH-045 Waldron, Richard
1937-MH-021 Walker, Frank
1929-MH-041 Walker, James H.,
1940-MH-024 Walker, John W
1927-MH-006 Walker, Luella
1942-MH-026 Walker, Newt
1937-MH-037 Walker, Pearl
1941-MH-076 Walker, Wilbur J
1927-MH-066 Walker, William J.
1931-MH-064 Wall, Ernest
1927-MH-021 Waller, Mary J.
1941-MH-045 Ward, D E
1929-MH-010 Watkins, Eugene
1928-MH-021 Watkins, Lester
1937-MH-028 Watson, Irene G
1940-MH-017 Watson, Noah
1937-MH-038 Weaks, Dicy
1940-MH-053 Webb, Allen
1942-MH-031 Weinacht, Abraham
1939-MH-064 Weinacht, Arthur
1936-MH-051 Weinacht, Mary K
1931-MH-068 Weinacht, Mary K.
1931-MH-040 Weisgerber, Beulah
1927-MH-015 Wells, Maggie
1926-MH-010 Wells, Rosa
1930-MH-047 Wells, Wayne
1937-MH-048 Westray, Maude Odum
1938-MH-041 Wharry, Freeman
1939-MH-032 Whipple, roy
1930-MH-032 Whitaker, Sarah
1929-MH-052 White, Bertie
1930-MH-060 White, Esther
1936-MH-075 White, Hallie
1930-MH-046 White, Hallie Jr.
1931-MH-037 White, Thomas
1929-MH-051 Whitehead, A. S.
1936-MH-040 Wick, Van
1928-MH-048 Wicks, Amos
1930-MH-062 Wiggins, Jessie Wayne
1927-MH-032 Wilburn, James
1930-MH-051 Wiley, W. F.
1929-MH-091 Wiley, W.F.
1924-MH-006 Wilkins, Lena
1929-MH-050 Wilkins, Martha F.
1933-MH-031 Wilkinson, James
1936-MH-018 Will, Alice
1935-MH-061 Willhite, J. T.
1939-MH-020 Williams, B C
1930-MH-035 Williams, Gertie E.
1936-MH-010 Williams, Ima
1939-MH-071 Williams, Jason T
1930-MH-059 Williams, Lamon
1924-MH-016 Williams, Martha
1924-MH-040 Williams, Sarah E.
1925-MH-024 Williams, Walter
1937-MH-029 Williamson, Harry
1923-MH-007 Wills, Tabitha
1939-MH-059 Wilson, Charles
1931-MH-027 Wilson, Edith
1932-MH-002 Wilson, Ray
1931-MH-017 Winget, Viola
1931-MH-056 Winkleman, Nancy Ellen
1929-MH-033 Winning, Ellen
1939-MH-048 Winslow, Catherine
1940-MH-037 Wizgranda, Tommie
1925-MH-030 Wohlman, Louis
1928-MH-052 Wohlwend, John J.
1929-MH-022 Wolski, Matt
1928-MH-050 Wood, W. E.
1937-MH-054 Woodall, Morgan
1931-MH-034 Woods, J. P.
1941-MH-086 Wooley, Roosevelt
1926-MH-032 Wooten, Cecil B.
1923-MH-019 Worthen, Willis W.
1925-MH-046 Wozneak, Mike
1936-MH-056 Wray, Mary E
1928-MH-039 Wright, Ralph
1939-MH-036 Wroton, Bayard
1933-MH-038 Wunderlich, William L.
1923-MH-003 Yahorcaik, Mary
1942-MH-030 Yancey, Floyd William
1942-MH-043 Yancey, Harold Gene
1935-MH-048 Yearack, Kate
1928-MH-032 York, William
1941-MH-015 York, William
1942-MH-042 Young, Delbert
1934-MH-002 Young, Joseph Paul
1926-MH-002 Zabroc, Della
1928-MH-022 Zarskis, William
1933-MH-008 Zasada, Andy
1940-MH-080 Zelinski, Mike
1929-MH-049 Zimmerman C. L.
1926-MH-009 Zoller, Chris
1940-MH-029 Zorc, Jannie
1940-MH-085 Zorc, Jannie


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