Land Grants

These early land grants are kept at the Williamson County Museum. Some are on paper and others on sheep skin. The “patentee” is a person who was originally given land as a “bounty” for serving in one of our nation’s wars, usually in 100 acre tracts. These bounty grants were often sold to others who received the land. If a patentee is not shown then the land was just sold outright to the receiver by the government. We also have property descriptions attached to these but there wasn’t enough room to display them here. For further information, use the Contact Us tab.

Received Land Patentee War associated County Date
Abbot, William Williamson 3/1/1855
Aikman, James Brown, William R War of 1812 Williamson 8/4/1853
Allen, John Henry Milliken, John War of 1812 Williamson 1/2/1854
Allen, John Henry Harjo, Moese Florida War Williamson 2/6/1859
Allen, John Henry Williamson 3/1/1855
Allen, John Henry Williamson 7/1/1851
Anderson, Willis Gooch, Cocco Florida War Saline 3/1/1854
Arnold, William D Williamson 6/1/1857
Baker, James C Williamson 8/10/1853
Baker, Robert Bolin, Lacy War of 1812 Williamson 3/1/1859
Blaylock, William E Williamson 1/20/1859
Bowles, Henry Williamson 1/20/1858
Brown, John Yoman, William War of 1812 Williamson 8/10/1853
Bradley, James Williamson 3/1/1855
Campbell, James M West, Windom Florida War Williamson
Cash, Richard Williamson 6/1/1857
Chapman, Thomas Williamson 6/1/1857
Chapman, Thomas Williamson 6/1/1857
Chapman, Thomas Williamson 6/1/1857
Chapman, Thomas Williamson 6/1/1857
Chapman, Thomas Williamson 6/1/1857
Clariday, James Williamson 6/1/1857
Collins, Dillard W War of 1812 Johnson 7/1/1854
Cowel, Lewis school lands Williamson 7/16/1851
Davey, Winsterd Union 6/1/1857
Davis, David Hamilton 7/15/1854
Davis, William Johnson County
Davis, William Johnson County 6/1/1857
Dillard, Josiah Jordon, James War of 1812 Williamson 1/1/1853
Dunaway, Samuel Hill, Nathaniel War of 1812 Williamson 8/10/1853
Edwards, John M Edwards, John M Williamson 7/15/1854
Ferrell, George Odum, William Williamson 12/20/1850
Ferrell, George Williamson 7/1/1851
Furlong, George W Williamson 4/1/1856
Grayson, William I Williamson 7/1/1857
Harris, Roland H Posey Co IN 3/1/1855
Hartwell, John L England, John War of 1812 Williamson 1/2/1854
Hundley, R M Wheeler, Seaborn War of 1812 Williamson 8/10/1853
Hundley, R M Davis, Samuel War of 1812 Williamson 7/1/1854
Hundley, R M Nelson, David War of 1812 Williamson 1/5/1854
Hundley, Robert M Bowles, William Williamson 11/1/1853
Hundley, Robert M Williamson 4/3/1857
Hundley, Robert M Williamson 8/10/1853
Hundley, Robert M Williamson 11/10/1855
Hundley, Robert M Roney, Patrick Indian War 1794 Williamson 8/10/1853
Hynes, William R Williamson 5/24/1824
Mansell, Malinda Williamson 6/1/1857
McGowan, James M Williamson 6/1/1857
Moonaham, Elijah War of 1812 Williamson 6/22/1855
More, James Arthur, John W Florida War Williamson 2/23/1858
Morris, Robert Williamson 8/10/1859
Morris, Thomas Williamson 3/1/1855
Parsons, Absolom Williamson 6/1/1857
Pritchett, Ezekiel Williamson 6/1/1857
Pritchett, John Johnson County 11/10/1855
Robertson, Mary Franklin 6/1/1857
Shadowen, Mathew Williamson 3/1/1855
Southerland, Thomas Williamson 4/3/1857
Springs, Moses A Head , Silas War of 1812 Williamson 3/1/1854
Stansberry, John G Williamson 10/10/1856
Stewart, William H School lands Williamson 7/16/1851
Tanner, William 9/15/1854
Tisdale, John Wilkerson Proctor, Robert Florida War Williamson 7/1/1854
Tolbert, James M Saline 11/10/1855
Walker, Wilson C Hamilton? 3/1/1855
Weaver, Jesse Williamson 6/1/1857
Willard, David Nelson Terry, John R C Florida War Williamson
Wright, Abner C Williamson 12/7/1859
Yost, Samuel Scruggs, Drury War of 1812 Williamson 2/6/1854
Yost, Samuel Civily, Asolom War of 1812 Williamson 1/2/1854