Coroner’s List Index 1885-1904

Coroner’s List Index 1885-1904

The Coroner’s list is an index of people in Williamson County who died of unexplained or suspicious causes from 1885-1904 and required further examination to determine the exact cause of death. The associated records contain the coroner’s findings during his investigation as to cause of death. Many of the early county coroner’s records are lost.

These records took countless hours to index from old documents and provide an invaluable resource for genealogists and historians that would normally never be made available it they hadn’t been preserved. The WCHS is in possession of each of the listed case files and can be copied on request for a fee of $10 plus .50 for each page scan. If a search of the indexes locates a person of interest, a request for copies of the files in paper or digital format can then be made for a fee. Please, notate the corresponding file number, i.e. 1904-C-025. Contact Us

File #


1904-C-025 Adams, Ira
1903-C-011 Alexander, Juel
1899-C-009 Allen, Bailey
1894-C-002 Anderson, W G
1892-C-006 Appleton, N B
1901-C-011 Arnold, Charles
1893-C-008 Barnes, Wes
1904-C-027 Barth, John
1893-C-004 Batson, William A
1904-C-019 Baxter, William
1889-C-001 Beardsley, James
1893-C-002 Bell, John W
1889-C-003 Black, John
1897-C-006 Blankenship, Fannie
1897-C-005 Bondio, Alzzoni
1904-C-014 Bowers, Fred
1895-C-009 Bradley, Will A
1891-C-003 Brandon, Minnie
1902-C-013 Braugher, R P
1901-C-002 Brown, George W
1892-C-009 Brown, James W
1901-C-006 Brown, Ollie
1902-C-026 Buckles, Abraham
1898-C-010 Burba, August
1902-C-020 Butcher, William
1896-C-007 Cain, John
1902-C-023 Carney, Charles B
1899-C-004 Carr, Hannah
1901-C-001 Carter, Price
1900-C-002 Caruso, Casparo
1896-C-005 Cawthern, C. C.
1902-C-004 Chamness, Elijah M
1902-C-012 Chamness, Elijah M
1893-C-007 Chamness, Mary Jane
1900-C-014 Chitty, Francis
1902-C-001 Clem, Robert
1895-C-008 Colliers, John
1896-C-008 Collins, Alma
1902-C-009 Cook, Finley
1892-C-007 Corder, James H
1902-C-022 Costello, Ollie Frances
1900-C-011 Courtney, Thomas
1895-C-005 Crews, infant
1904-C-022 Crezzitta, Adolph
1893-C-009 Culbertson, George
1896-C-001 Dalmer, Anna
1895-C-003 Davidson, Albert
1903-C-005 Davis, Louesa V
1904-C-003 Davis, Mrs Josiah
1902-C-005 Davis, Wilfred W
1902-C-021 Divers, Fred
1899-C-001 Duckett, Sam
1891-C-004 Eaton, Freddie
1899-C-008 Epping, Barnhardt
1902-C-025 Evans, Ray
1902-C-024 Ewen, Joseph
1897-C-004 Faroro, Frank
1904-C-004 Fields, Green B
1904-C-013 Foster, Hugo
1901-C-009 Fowler, Logan
1892-C-010 Frick, George M
1897-C-004 Genello, John
1900-C-010 Gibbs, Henry
1892-C-001 Glenn, Marion
1895-C-006 Goodall, Hardin
1901-C-005 Goodall, Richard
1901-C-007 Griffin, George
1901-C-012 Griffin, George
1904-C-021 Groves, Lewis
1895-C-013 Gualdoni, John
1903-C-008 Hale, Otis
1899-C-002 Hall, Julia
1903-C-012 Harper, Rosa
1903-C-003 Hays, Scott M
1891-C-002 Heflin, male infant
1904-C-018 Hinchman, Harry
1904-C-008 Hindman, Harry
1902-C-011 Hindman, Z T
1898-C-007 Howell, Louis C
1900-C-005 Hudson, George
1900-C-004 Hug, Joseph J
1894-C-003 Hughes, John M
1904-C-015 infant son of Maggie Moore
1900-C-009 Isham, James
1904-C-023 James, Caldonia
1899-C-012 Jones, Amos
1903-C-001 Jones, Cave
1900-C-007 Jones, Kate
1898-C-002 Jourdan, James
1898-C-009 Kopp, John H
1893-C-001 Lee, Harry
1900-C-008 Livesay, Thomas
1904-C-001 Machela, Anton
1903-C-009 Majors, Nancy
1895-C-010 Mann, Martin
1898-C-008 Martell, Tobe
1892-C-003 Mayberry, William
1899-C-011 McNeil, Arthur
1901-C-003 Melvin, James
1904-C-024 Meredith, Junior
1900-C-006 Miller, Alex
1898-C-005 Miller, Charley
1893-C-008 Miller, Harvy
1895-C-004 Monola, John
1903-C-002 Moore, Edmond
1898-C-001 Moore, John
1901-C-010 Morgan, Noah
1895-C-012 Morgan, Silas
1902-C-010 Morris, Elizabeth
1902-C-019 Morris, Lizzie
1891-C-001 Motsinger, John J
1899-C-005 Motsinger, Solomon
1904-C-011 Murrow, Alma Irene
1901-C-004 Noetzelman, Rudolph
1889-C-002 Norton, Loucinda C
1899-C-006 Oglesby, John
1902-C-017 Oliver, Robert
1890-C-001 Owens, John
1900-C-001 Paget, A L
1899-C-007 Paltin, Robert
1902-C-027 Parker, George
1902-C-016 Parker, George W
1892-C-004 Phemister, Thomas J
1903-C-007 Pillow, Myrtle
1894-C-004 Porter, Seth
1904-C-012 Potter, Everett Spiller
1896-C-006 Price, Isam
1902-C-002 Pulley, James D
1902-C-003 Pulley, James D
1891-C-005 Pulley, M C
1900-C-001 Rains, H S
1903-C-004 Rains, Raymond
1895-C-011 Rich, Charles
1885-C-001 Richerson, Thomas F
1900-C-003 Roberts, Thomas
1896-C-004 Robinson, Frank
1899-C-010 Rolling, Isaac
1902-C-014 Ross, Dennis
1902-C-015 Ross, Dennis
1902-C-008 Ruggeri, Ercola
1893-C-005 Samples, N W
1900-C-013 Schero, Giro
1892-C-002 Segars, Edney S
1904-C-007 Sereni, August
1903-C-010 Sharp, Levi A
1898-C-011 Sinks, John H
1904-C-002 Sirini, August
1893-C-003 Smith, July
1904-C-006 Smith, Lewis
1902-C-007 Smith, William
1903-C-006 Smothers, Nancy
1904-C-020 Snider, Clyde
1896-C-002 Stewart, W H
1895-C-007 Stock, Shay
1904-C-005 Summers, Jewell
1900-C-012 Swafford, Walter
1895-C-001 Swartz, Otto
1897-C-003 Taborn, Simon
1896-C-003 Tanner, Sidney
1902-C-018 Teeter, Philip
1895-C-002 Threlkeld, William
1895-C-014 Tyget, Hugh
1898-C-004 Unknown man
1904-C-017 Unknown man
1898-C-003 Vinsagi, Paul
1897-C-002 Wagoner, George
1898-C-006 Walker, W C
1893-C-006 Watkins, Marshall
1899-C-003 Watson, John
1902-C-006 Weahl, Charles
1892-C-008 Weaver, Samuel
1892-C-011 Wells, Mrs. J C
1896-C-009 Westmoreland, infant
1904-C-026 Wheeler, K. K.
1901-C-008 Williams, Gwinn A
1904-C-016 Williams, John
1892-C-005 Wilson, Charlotte
1894-C-001 Yancey, Henry V
1904-C-010 Yates, J E
1897-C-001 Young, John
1904-C-009 Zanotti, Pete


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