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  1. Looking for information on the Miles Fredrick Burklow (wife Della Atnip, dau. of Absolum Atnip). Until 1922 or so. Fred was a school teacher in a one room school in Tunnel Hill, but also was a miner in 1922 during time of Herrin Massacre. the Chapman Cemetery is full of Burklows/Evans(wives) and Graves (wives), this is in Tunnel Hill. My father, Clarence was born in Energy, 1915.There is story that this family is mentioned in book “Little Egypt”, but can’t find a copy. Marion, Herrin, Tunnel Hill full of Burklows, can you help?

  2. Hi all,
    I am looking for information about my great-grandmother, Belle Spiller. She married my great-grandfather, Charles H Hartman, born in 1872 possibly in Michigan. She gave birth to my grandmother Helen Margaret Mitchell or Margaret Helen Mitchell somewhere either in 1891 or 1897. She may have died in 1901. Actually, information about both would be useful – it appears that Charles Harman’s parents immigrated from Saxony. There are many Spillers in the Marion area, but I can’t find anything about her. Maybe Anabelle or Isabele?

  3. my father, john tilman owens born in bush about 1924. to yearkie(john) william owens and nora (suftko) owens. any records of them? thank you, john owens

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