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  1. Looking to document that Martha Askew who married 2 Dec 1848 Wilson J. Caplinger in Williamson Co. is the daughter of Elisha Askew. Elisha gave consent for her to marry. Relationship is not on the license. Legally consent could be given by a parent or a guardian. Also need to document Elisha’s death. He supposedly died in 1879 but have found nothing to verify this.

    • The Foreville Church was located in Section 16 of Carterville Township, Williamson County, Illinois. The exact location today would be within the basin of Crab Orchard Lake unfortunately. The approximate coordinates on google maps would be:
      37°44’14.3″N 89°06’50.1″W . I hope this helps. On the 1908 County Plat maps, it does designate the church location as well as the Foreville School location which was north of the church site. The 1908 Carterville Township, Williamson County Plat maps one should be able to locate images of them by searching google. Try Historic Mapworks website as well or the Marion Illinois History Preservation Website to ascertain copies of the 1940 and 1908 plat maps for the county. I would post the website addresses here, but do not want to jeopardize any security issues to those sites.

  2. I am trying to locate some documents on my Great Grandmother Ruth
    Wilson “Carr”. Here is the background information that has been passed

    Her name before marriage was: Ruth Wilson, but in a 1910 census report
    I located it looks like she was going by her step-fathers last name
    Ruth was Born: March 18, 1902 (I have Cretten, Ky, but there doesn’t
    appear to be Cretten Ky, so It is most likely Crittenden)

    Her mothers name was: Dola Wilson
    Dola was Born: September 1880 in Crittenden County, Kentucky
    Death: 1905 (not sure where she was buried)

    According to the 1910 census, It appears that Herman Carr and Ruth
    moved to Herrin, Williamson County, Illinois.

    She possibly entered a Catholic Orphanage, most likely St. John’s
    Orphanage, between 1911 & 1916

    From what I have been told Ruth was born out of wedlock. It has been
    passed down, but not sure that her father could have been a Sullivan
    (from Crittenden). Her mother married a Mr. Herman Carr. Ruth was
    about 3 when her mother died. She lived with Mr. Carr, we think,
    until she was 9 or 12. The county or state then removed her from the
    home, since they were not blood related, and it is believed that she
    was sent to a Catholic orphanage sometime between 1911 & 1916. A
    catholic family fostered her and was going to adopt her, but then a
    distant cousin Pete and Elizabeth “Lizzy” McCullum took her in. I am
    trying to find any documents that would be associated with her.

  3. I am looking for information on Joseph Pearce and his wife Sarah Ellen Sample Pearce who lived in Herrin, Illinois from the early 1900s until their deaths. Sarah was born in Pennsylvania or Ohio on Sept. 25, 1843 (per Census reports) and died in Herrin on May 11,1917.

    Joseph was born in Canada or France on May 2,1844 and died in Herrin on Jan 4, 1914.

    I have census information but am hoping to find an obituary or other information that could help me learn more about their place of birth and parents. They are buried at Herrin City Cemetery.

  4. looking for information on Alonzo and Susan Koonce and C.W. Gregory family in Williamson county 1860 census and later. My grandmother was Martha Isabell Gregory Kilzer and stayed with Aunt Sue and Uncle Lon Koonce in 1915 after her husband died. Trying to make the connection to which Gregory she married.
    thank you

  5. I’m trying to find obituaries and any information on where JOHN & MARTHA ANN (Pinkston) SHIRLEY are buried. John died on 24 Mar 1941 and Martha died 11 Apr 1934, both in Herrin. I hope to be able to find/get pictures of their headstones. I’m related through the marriage of their daughter GRACE SHIRLEY to JAMES SOLOMAN LEEHY aka “Sollie”. Any information on them is greatly appreciated.

  6. am looking for velma bassey b 1907 to my grandmother lily j morgan(as one of a pair of twins) and first husband john henry bassey. they divorced in 1910 and when he remarried in 1913 she handed over the boy william v bassey they kept in touch but the girl velma just disappeared. any info about my half aunt would be appreciated. my mother had a hard life. she married 3 times and had 6 children but only got to raise 3.

  7. i am looking for information about my great uncle Ed Loftus and his family. he was born in murphysboro in 1882 and adopted and raised by a family in carterville. he worked at the sunny side mine and married Myrtle woolsey in 1907. she was a widow.her first husband william e crompton disappeared in 1904 no-oneseems to know exactly where or when he died. another mystery is myrtle’s younger sister cora belle Hale. was she a flapper ? were there lots of flappers in Herrin in the 1920s ?

  8. Hi, Looking for the parents of John F. Williams. Born 7 Nov 1869 in Illinois, married Minnie Kelley, daughter of Calvin and Harriet (Lannom) Kelley in @1899. They had a son, Uriel (1902-1976). In 1900 they were living in Creal Springs. Minnie died @ 1903 and John remarried Artie Gulley and had several more children. He died 18 Jun 1918 in East Marion and was buried 19 Jun 1918 in Carterville.

    A marriage record in your index looks promising and I’m hoping it lists John’s parents. 1897-1902 WC Marriages Vol 5, page 122. [Surname only Kelly] and [John W. Williams] Thank you!

  9. Looking for information on the Miles Fredrick Burklow (wife Della Atnip, dau. of Absolum Atnip). Until 1922 or so. Fred was a school teacher in a one room school in Tunnel Hill, but also was a miner in 1922 during time of Herrin Massacre. the Chapman Cemetery is full of Burklows/Evans(wives) and Graves (wives), this is in Tunnel Hill. My father, Clarence was born in Energy, 1915.There is story that this family is mentioned in book “Little Egypt”, but can’t find a copy. Marion, Herrin, Tunnel Hill full of Burklows, can you help?

  10. Hi all,
    I am looking for information about my great-grandmother, Belle Spiller. She married my great-grandfather, Charles H Hartman, born in 1872 possibly in Michigan. She gave birth to my grandmother Helen Margaret Mitchell or Margaret Helen Mitchell somewhere either in 1891 or 1897. She may have died in 1901. Actually, information about both would be useful – it appears that Charles Harman’s parents immigrated from Saxony. There are many Spillers in the Marion area, but I can’t find anything about her. Maybe Anabelle or Isabele?

  11. my father, john tilman owens born in bush about 1924. to yearkie(john) william owens and nora (suftko) owens. any records of them? thank you, john owens

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