Vicksburg History

Vicksburg was laid out February 22, 1872 in section 13 of West Marion Township and recorded in Book of Deeds Z, page 182. There were 70 lots. The street was 50 feet wide.

The village had a store, a mill and a blacksmith shop. One did not have to wait long to get service at the blacksmith shop or mill as one did in Marion. Business was not as rushing in Vicksburg as it was in Marion.

The village of Vicksburg was doomed by the growth of Marion. The county seat town has grown considerably in the last century. The city surrounded the village of Vicksburg and incorporated it in its limits. Now it is that part of Marion that lies north of Main Street, south of Illinois Central Railroad tracks east of Bentley Street and west of Vicksburg Street.

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(Ghost Towns of Southern Illinois, by Glenn J. Sneed, published 1977)