Sneed’s Dwina History

A general store was located in the southeast corner of section 1 of Lake Creek Township, and run by “Bud” Williams. Dwina Post Office was opened in the store July 13, 1895. The name perhaps came from the imagination of Bud Williams.

Mr. Williams died in late 1899 and the store fell to his widow, Mildred W. Williams. The Welborn Brothers, of Attila, bought the store and Curtis Welborn became the postmaster, January 25, 1900. Welborn Brothers sold the store to James R. Rogers, October 1, 1900 and Rogers became postmaster that day. Rogers sold to Jackson Williams May 14, 1901 and Williams became postmaster upon buying the store. He continued to hold the position until the post office was closed April 30, 1902. The store remained in business for some time and it was closed. Today the old Williams house stands at the crossroad on the corner of section 1, but all trace of the store is gone.

(Ghost Towns of Southern Illinois, by Glenn J. Sneed, published 1977)