Reeves History

Reeves, the first name given to the community that is now Cambria was incorporated as a village January 5, 1905. An election was held in Lock’s barber shop the first day of the preceding November to determine the question of incorporation. The judges were T. W. Lock, W. P. Ragland and W. O. Ashby. Among the voters were Andy Elliott, Robert Cruse the mine manager, and the brothers Cordis, Elbert, and Albert Storme.

Reeves Google ViewThe post office of Reeves was opened March 17, 1905 by John H. Brantley. The first postmaster was succeeded by Charles McClintock in 1908 and by Grover C. Chamness in 1910. A year later Marshall F. Emerson was appointed, and on July 22, 1911 the name of the office was changed to Cambria.

The name Reeves was given in honor of Albert P. Reeves, a prominent farmer and landowner. In 1855 he bought a ninety acre farm, south of the site of Beaver pond, in section 29 of Blairsville Township or Western precinct as it was then called. “Pat” Reeves was a son of William Reeves (1809-1834) and Mary (Moore) Reeves, who came to the neighborhood of Marion one year before the father’s death. Mary Reeves’ name is among the

1908 Reeves Plat Map

1908 Reeves Plat Map

charter members of Hurricane church. Her daughter Susan became the wife of Daniel Perrine, and the mother of William Albert Perrine of Herrin.

“Pat” Reeves married Mrs. Elizabeth C. (Emerson) Tyner, and one of their daughters became the wife of Marshall F. Emerson, postmaster of both Reeves and Cambria. Their sons were Charles A., William, and John Reeves.

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(Extracted from Pioneer Folks and Places, Barbara Barr Hubbs, 1939, on sale at the Williamson County Museum)