Jeffrey Mine History

Jeffrey Mine was sunk in 1904 by Pratt Brothers Coal Company. It was located about midway, east and west, along the north section line of section 27 of Herrin Township. The mine camp was built on both sides of the public road leading to the mine from the south. The village consisted of 23 dwellings, one big boarding house and a company store. Jeffrey had a population of 135 in its heyday. The mine had a good sale contract to the Soo Railroad.

In 1952 when the railroads went to diesel powered locomotives and the Soo Railroad quit buying coal in quantities, Jeffrey Mine was closed.

Jeffery was a steam powered mine, having a steam hoisting engine and steam powered dynamo. All coal below the surface was moved by electric motors and mules.

Today three original houses still stand. Two of them are used as barn, only one is occupied However, three new houses and two mobile homes have been added. The old concrete block washhouse, where miners took shower baths and the brick blacksmith shop still stands and are in reasonably good condition.

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(Ghost Towns of Southern Illinois, by Glenn J. Sneed, published 1977)