Indian Camp Church History

Indian Camp Church, south of Absher, was built near a favorite camp ground of the Shawnee Indians. They came regularly to a spring south of Goose Creek as late as 1817.

The church was built as an ordinary log house, and in 1845 it was admitted to membership in the Franklin association of United Baptists. Some of the older members had been active in Coal Bank church, built in 1823.

When Elder William Ferrell began his active ministry, he consolidated Indian Camp and Rock Creek churches as Coal Bank Springs Church. This was in 1865, and the new church had about one hundred members.

In 1873, another church was formed, principally from members of Coal Bank Springs Church. In memory of the old church, this was given the name Indian Camp.

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(Extracted from Pioneer Folks and Places, Barbara Barr Hubbs, 1939 which is on sale at the Williamson County Museum)