Henshaw School History

Henshaw School is in section 14 of Stonefort Township, alongside land Hugh Henshaw entered in 1854. Among the students at Henshaw School during the seventies and eighties was young George, son of Carroll Henshaw (1832-1882).

George A. Henshaw supplemented his district 76 training at Crab Orchard Academy under James W. Turner. Then he began teaching to make his way through law school. His law office was opened in 1894, and his first important client was John Mitchell and the miners’ union during the strike of 1897. He was among the counsel in the Vienna trial after the killing of the Dewmaine Negroes.

Mr. Henshaw moved to Oklahoma in 1900, and was a member of their constitutional convention. He was counsel for the Oklahoma corporation commission in cases before the United States supreme court, and succeeded J. B. McAlester as a member of that commission.

Charles Everett Anderson was a brother-in-law of Mr. Henshaw and lived in his home. “Mage” Anderson was mayor of Herrin during the time the waterworks and other public utilities were built.

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(Extracted from Pioneer Folks and Places, Barbara Barr Hubbs, 1939, on sale at the Williamson County Museum)