Helen Sutt Lind Books


by Helen Sutt Lind

The following book list is available exclusively through the author and not the Williamson County Historical Society. All transactions are handled by the author through the information found a the bottom of this page.


Events in Egypt, Williamson County, IL Newspaper Excerpts

Vol I 1856-1874  $27                  Vol II 1879-1881  $20

Vol III 1882-1887 $20                 Vol IV 1888-1893 $20

Vol V 1894-1895  $18                 Vol VI 1896-1898  $22

Vol VII 1899-1900  $20               VIII 1901-1904  $20

Vol IX 1905 – 1909  $22             Vol X 1910-1912  $24

Vol XI 1913  1913  $24               Vol XII  1914  $24

Vol XIII  1915  $24                      Vol XIV 1916 $24

Vol XV 1917 $26                         Vol XVI 1918  $28

Vol XVII 1919 $25

Williamson County, IL Death Records, Vol I & Vol II  each volume  $18

1880 Mortality Schedule, Williamson County, IL  $6

Shiloh & Davis Prairie Cemeteries   $18

Off the Beaten Path – Some Williamson County Cemeteries

                                      Vol 1  $20  Vol 2  $20

The Barham Connection – Barham Cemetery & Family Genealogy  $17

Those Left Behind – Cemeteries in Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge  $20

Freedom and Fountain Cemeteries  $18

Lake Creek-Hartwell Cemetery  $12

Three Cemeteries of Rock Creek   $20

           Coal Bank Springs, Tanner-Neely-Old Indian Camp, New Indian Camp

Hurricane Cemetery  $20

Lakeview Cemetery, Johnston City, IL  $55

Masonic and Lithuanian Cemeteries, Shakerag, IL  $12

Wolf Creek-Palestine, New Pleasant Hill, Gentry, Oak Grove, Liberty and Grange Hall Cemeteries   $20

Pleasant Grove Cemetery  $14

                (Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery, Paulton, IL)

Herrin City Cemetery  $35

They Are  Not Forgotten; Men of Johnston City, Illinois Who Died in Uniform $25

Chancery, Partition, Dower & Deed Records Index

Contains an index to all these records from earliest times through 1920 located in the Circuit Clerk’s office in Marion, Illinois.  $11

Chancery Divorce Records Index

Contains an index to all divorces filed from earliest times through 1920 located in the Circuit Clerk’s office in Marion, Illinois.  $9

Criminal Records

Contains an index to criminal records in Circuit Clerk’s office from early years to 1920.


All books are softbound with an every name index. The cemetery books have additional info – some burials without markers, parent’s names, marriage dates, etc from personal research. Please add $5 for first book and $1 each additional book. Order from:

Helen Sutt Lind,  1211 Monroe, Johnston City, IL 62951-1516