Paisley Scrapbook Indexes Added to Site

Oldham Paisley, owner and reporter for the Marion Daily Republican kept scrapbooks containing his articles and also articles from St. Louis and Chicago related to topics occurring here in the 1920’s. All but one of the books have now been indexed and those indexes are now available on our site under the Master Newspaper Index. The Paisley indexes currently on our site are:

  • Paisley’s Scrapbook Volume 1, 1922-24, Before & After Herrin Massacre
  • Paisley’s Scrapbook Volume 1A & 1B, 1922, Herrin Massacre
  • Paisley’s Scrapbook Volume 4A & 4B, 1923-24, Ku Klux Klan
  • Paisley’s Scrapbook Volume 5 & 6, 1924-26, Klan, Glenn Young, Charles Birger
  • Paisley’s Scrapbook Volume 7 & 8, 1927-28, Charles Birger & Trial
  • Paisley’s Scrapbook Volume 9, 1928-29, Birger, Boswell, Ritter

All of our onsite indexes are available from the Library Resource Indexes page


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